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Andy Swinscoe - The Courtyard Dairy Partner and Affineur

Father's Day Cheese Gift Banner
Cheese Gifts for Father's Day
7th May 2014
Andy Swinscoe
Here are Kathy’s and Andy's favourite cheese gifts and gift selections for this coming Father's Day.
Richard 3rd Wensleydale Cheese Banner
Richard III Wensleydale Cheese – What makes it different?
12th April 2014
Andy Swinscoe
Why does The Courtyard Dairy stock Richard 3rd Wensleydale, instead of the very good Wensleydale cheese made at Hawes Creamery?

Find out here....
America's ban on cheese mites
4th April 2014
Andy Swinscoe
The FDA in American is banning some cheeses due to cheese mites, read more here....
Cheese Types and Families Banner
Cheese Types, part two – Classifying cheese types by texture and flavour
2nd April 2014
Andy Swinscoe
An explanation into the various methods of classifying cheese types by their texture and flavour.
Different Cheese Types Banner
Different Cheese Types, part one – Classifying cheese by how it is made.
2nd April 2014
Andy Swinscoe
An explanation of the methods of classifying cheese by how it is made.
Monthly Cheese Selection
April 2014 Monthly Cheese Club Box Selection
1st April 2014
Details of the cheese selection for the April monthly cheese delivery (as part of the cheese of the month club).

Best New Cheeses in UK Picture
Cheeses to watch 2014 – Young Buck Cheese and Nettlebed Creamery
30th March 2014
Andy Swinscoe
Every year, brilliant, new, unusual and exciting cheeses are developed in the UK.  Last year, for example, saw the introduction of Little Anne, Baron Bigod and Cais Na Tire.

Here are my tips for this year’s best new raw-milk artisan cheeses, all of which are newly developed.

Mother's Day Cheese Selection Banner
Mother’s Day Cheese Gifts – a selection of the best…
10th March 2014
Andy Swinscoe
With Mother’s Day fast approaching now is the time to choose that cheese gift for your Mum!  
If your Mum is a cheese lover, or you are just tired of giving flowers and chocolates, click here to read an interesting collection of cheese gift ideas!
BBC Food and Farming Awards
Courtyard Dairy Nominated for Prestigious BBC Food and Farming 'Best Retailer' Award
3rd March 2014
Hot on the heels of last years ‘Cheesemonger of The Year Award’ (from the World Cheese Awards), The Courtyard Dairy has followed up on their successes by being nominated to the final three retailers for the BBC Food and Farming Awards 'Best Food Retailer' (which are ran by BBC Radio 4’s Food Programme).

Tunworth – A visit to Hampshire Cheeses to see how it is made!
2nd March 2014
Andy Swinscoe
When I told Kathy we were going on holiday for a week, she seemed excited.  And I hadn’t even told her she’d be spending a day with Hampshire Cheeses, makers of the outstanding Tunworth cheese.

Read about that day and the background of Tunworth Cheese here.
Monthly Cheese Selection
March 2014 Monthly Cheese Club Box Selection
1st March 2014
Details of the cheese selection for March's monthly cheese delivery (as part of the cheese of the month club).

Cheesemongers Banner
Where to buy the best cheese? Britian's best cheese shops....
18th February 2014
Andy Swinscoe
We appreciate that not everyone lives in North Yorkshire to buy cheese from The Courtyard Dairy and click here to view  some of Andy and Kathy's favourite cheese shops and cheesemongers throughout the UK....
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