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Red Leicester Souffle Recipe

Twice baked Sparkenhoe red Leicester soufflé (by Le Caveau head-chef Mark Byron)

Mark Byron, chef-owner Le Caveau, Skipton, uses one of his favourite cheeses, Sparkenhoe red Leicester, on his menu to create these fabulous twice-baked soufflés. You can recreate his dish by…

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Sparkenhoe red Leicester – a video visit to Leicestershire Handmade Cheeses

This five-minute video tells the story of Sparkenhoe red Leicester, and the whole story of David and Jo Clarkes journey from dairy farmers to award winning cheesemakers.

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Pam visits Sparkenhoe Red Leicester cheese….

Last month we sent Pamela Curran, cheesemonger in training, to see how Sparkenhoe red Leciester Cheese is made.  The Clarke’s are the only-remaining makers of unpasteurised farmhouse red Leicester cheese…

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Bubbling Sparkenhoe Red Leicester – cheese-maker David Clarke’s recipe

Cheese-maker David Clarke of Leicestershire Handmade Cheese has a favourite way to cook his creation that is Sparkenhoe red Leicester.  Read more by clicking the link below.

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Sparkenhoe Red Leicester cheesy dums – cheese-maker David Clarke’s recipe

Cheese-maker David Clarke of Leicestershire Handmade Cheese has a favourite way to cook his creation that is Sparkenhoe red Leicester and use up leftover mash.

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The story of Sparkenhoe Red Leicester, Red Leicester actually made in Leicestershire!

Close to the edge of Leicestershire (barely a mile inside) is Sparkenhoe Farm, near Hinckley. Hinckley, with its clay loam underfoot, is the traditional red-Leicester area. And it was here…

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Complete list of cheeses stocked at The Courtyard Dairy

Listed below are all the cheeses normally available from The Courtyard Dairy cheese shop.  Other ‘guest’ cheeses are occasionally available that may not appear online – please phone Andy on…

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Young Buck Blue Banner

A visit to Mike Thomson’s dairy; creator of Young Buck Blue

“This room is not for me”, stated my four-year-old daughter, Mary, as she entered the final ageing room where Young Buck Blue is matured. You could understand why – the…

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Mikes Fancy Cheese Co

An Interview with Mike Thomson: creator of Young Buck Blue

A brief synopsis of your business and career? I run Mike’s Fancy Cheese and we make a raw-milk blue cheese called Young Buck, here in Newtownards. We have been making…

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Young buck cheese mike fancy

Meet Mike – maker of Young Buck cheese | An exclusive tasting

An exclusive cheese tasting and an opportunity to discover the story behind Young Buck – directly from the man who makes it.

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Why cheese red

Why is red cheese ‘red’?

Have you ever wondered why some cheeses, like Cheshire, Red Leicester and Shropshire Blue, have such a dark red/orangey hue?  And did you wonder “Is it natural?”

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British Territorial Cheeses – traditional British cheeses and their characteristics

Ever wondered what makes a Caerphilly, Cheshire and Cheddar different? 

Click below to see what characteristics a cheese grader would expect Britain’s key territorial’s to exhibit: examining their body and texture, flavour and…

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Valentine Day cheese gifts

For this year’s St Valentine’s Day you could keep up this tradition and give the cheese-lover in your life a delightful heart-shaped cheese (or maybe a whole cheese gift box!)….

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A Christmas cheeseboard with a difference

For those that want to make a unusual and different cheeseboard this Christmas, or are looking for a gift for cheese-lovers that is a bit different, here are some brilliant…

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Christmas cheese gift ideas

For those that want to be the envy of their friends by offering the best cheeseboard this Christmas, here are some Christmas cheeseboard ideas to help them choose a cheese…

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I want to become a cheese maker… where do I start?

I frequently get contacted by budding keen cheese-makers, including owners of small farms that want to find a way to use their milk, looking to make cheese on a commercial…

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List of cheese-making course providers throughout the UK

If you want to learn how to make your own cheese, the best place to start may be a cheese-making course, of which there are many throughout the UK.

View a…

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Different cheese types, part one – classifying cheese by how it is made

An explanation of the methods of classifying cheese by how it is made.

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Best new cheese uk

Cheeses to watch 2014 – Young Buck Cheese and Nettlebed Creamery

Every year, brilliant, new, unusual and exciting cheeses are developed in the UK.  Last year, for example, saw the introduction of Little Anne, Baron Bigod and Cais Na Tire.

Here are…

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Cheese gifts. How to choose the perfect cheese selection…

If you have cheese lover as a friend or relative, then a cheese gift may just be the perfect present for them, whether it’s for their birthday, a special treat…

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Creating a modern British cheese: Cote Hill Blue

Michael and Mary Davenport had a decision to make: give up farming or find some way of adding value to their milk.

Here is the story of how they transformed a…

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Brilliant new cheeses to watch out for…

Details and an introduction into five of the best newly invented British Artisan cheeses from this year.  Including Baron Bigod, Cais Na Tire, Little Anne…

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Salers de Buron Traditional, an ancient way of making cheese

Andy goes off to visit a very special farmer making Salers de Buron Traditional Cheese.  Making by hand on a small farm in the Auvergne mountains their method of cheesemaking is…

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James Aldridge – a true pioneer of artisan British cheese

James Aldridge became a leading figure in the revival of specialist farmhouse cheese. It is thanks to these visionaries like him that unpasteurised farmhouse cheese was kept alive. They kick-started…

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Previous cheese tastings

Click below for details of the previous cheese tastings at The Courtyard Dairy.

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