Leek and Sparkenhoe Blue pasties – food writer Angus D. Birditt’s recipe

Food writer Angus D. Birditt‘s favourite recipe for cooking cheese is these Leek and Sparkenhoe Blue pasties, taken from his fabulous: ‘A Portrait of British Cheese (Quadrille Publishing)’. “I love…

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An interview with renowned food journalist Dan Saladino

Producer and presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Food Programme for over 15 years, Dan has become a key figure on the British food scene, shining a light on numerous stories…

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An interview with Angus D. Birditt: food writer, photographer & researcher

Having written and worked for numerous food and farming organisations (the Sustainable Food Trust, Farms to Feed Us, Pipers Farm, Pasture for Life…) Angus D. Birditt founded the award-winning platform…

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