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Resurgence of Farmhouse Wensleydale

The Resurgence of Farmhouse Wensleydale (video)

Watch Andy speaking on the resurgence of farmhouse raw milk Wensleydale cheese: an iconic traditional British cheese that had disappeared into the annals of history. In this short 3-minute video…

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Northern Dairy Cheese School

Northern Dairy Cheese School is a series of seminars to increase technical knowledge and understanding for current and future cheesemakers, through hands-on cheese-making sessions. The school’s core objectives are: Spreading & Building…

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Sam Ben Spence Yoredale Cheese

An interview with Sam & Ben Spence of Yoredale Cheese (Curlew Dairy)

Farmer and cheese-makers, Sam & Ben spence make Yoredale cheese in Wensley, North Yorkshire. Andy interviewed them to find out what makes these fantastic cheese-makers tick. Give a brief synopsis…

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Why is ash used in cheesemaking

Why is ash used in cheese-making?

Ever wondered about the pale grey dusting of ash on the outside of a goats cheese?  Or the thin wavy layer of black ash round running through the heart of…

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Leek and Sparkenhoe Blue pasties – food writer Angus D. Birditt’s recipe

Food writer Angus D. Birditt‘s favourite recipe for cooking cheese is these Leek and Sparkenhoe Blue pasties, taken from his fabulous: ‘A Portrait of British Cheese (Quadrille Publishing)’. “I love…

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An interview with renowned food journalist Dan Saladino

Producer and presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Food Programme for over 15 years, Dan has become a key figure on the British food scene, shining a light on numerous stories…

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Corn on the cob with St James cheese – cheesemaker Martin Gott’s recipe

Cheese-maker Martin Gott shares his favourite way to cook/eat his St James cheese, “It may be simple, but trust me it’s grand as owt!” Ingredients 2 corn on the cob…

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An interview with Angus D. Birditt: food writer, photographer & researcher

Having written and worked for numerous food and farming organisations (the Sustainable Food Trust, Farms to Feed Us, Pipers Farm, Pasture for Life…) Angus D. Birditt founded the award-winning platform…

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Rollright cheese cooking

Kingstone’s Fidgety Flette – Potato, Cheese, Apple and Onion Pie

A merging of two classic dishes: Alpine Tartiflette and the Worcestershire* Fidgety Pie.  This is the Kingstone Dairy team’s favourite way to cook their iconic cheeses, bringing together the inspiration…

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Michael milking cows

The story of Cote Hill Blue – from farmers to award-winning cheese-makers

Michael loves milking cows.  So much so as soon as he hit the teenage years he was pretty much responsible for milking all of the cows on the family farm…

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Why do goats cheese taste of goat?

Why do goats’ cheeses taste ‘goaty’? And why are some stronger than others?

Many people have been put off for life by tasting a really-ripe goats’ cheese – saying it is ‘like licking a goat’! But contrary to popular opinion, goats’ milk doesn’t…

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Goats Milk

What is the difference between goats’ milk (and cheese) compared to cows’ and sheep’s?

Each mammal produces slightly different milk. Although the constituents are broadly the same (water, lactose sugar, fat, protein, minerals and nutrients) the exact make up of each milk varies, depending…

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