Producer Visits

Michael milking cows

The story of Cote Hill Blue – from farmers to award-winning cheese-makers

Michael loves milking cows.  So much so as soon as he hit the teenage years he was pretty much responsible for milking all of the cows on the family farm…

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Leeds Blue and Yorkshire Pecorino

Supplier Feature: Mario Olianas, maker of Leeds Blue and Yorkshire Pecorino

In 2001 Mario arrived from Italy into Leeds/Bradford Airport.  He spoke no English, and had just £200 in his pocket, and the promise of a friend’s floor to sleep on. …

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A visit to Stonebeck cheese – by chief cheesemonger Anna!

In October 2020 chief cheesemonger Anna went to visit Stonebeck cheese.  Here she recounts her journey and explains what helps make the cheese so special. A few of the Courtyard…

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Nettlebed Cheese - Rose Grimond

An Interview with Rose Grimond, owner of Nettlebed Creamery

Cheese-maker, Rose Grimond makes Bix, Witheridge and Highmoor on their farm near Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire. Andy interviewed Rose to find out what makes this fantastic cheese-maker tick. Give a brief…

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Doddington Cheese

Farmer, ice-cream maker and cheese producer – read about a visit to Doddington Dairy to meet real pioneers of cheese making and farm diversification…

Nestled on the border between England and Scotland, Doddington Farm is almost as far north in England as you can get. And allegiances up here are mixed; indeed the Maxwell…

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Barry Graham Loch Arthur Cheese

Cheese Chats Episode 4: Barry Graham on the revival of British Farmhouse cheeses

An in-depth video interview with Barry Graham, who was at the forefront of the raw-cheese British cheese-making revival in the 1980’s. Starting with just four Ayrshire cows and a parcel…

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Hebden Goat Anglo Nubian Goats

Hebden Goat – a video visit to the farm

Gillian and Tim Clough farm a small herd of 10 Anglo Nubian goats in Hebden Bridge (England). Gillian hand-milks the goats every day before using it to make Hebden Goats&#8217…

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Lacaune Sheep Cheese

Producer Focus: A visit to Holker Farm, maker of St James cheese

Martin Gott’s cheese-making day doesn’t start until 8.30 am. By that time the milk vat is full. With just 100 litres. Most of the small farms that supply cheese to…

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Young Buck Blue Banner

A visit to Mike Thomson’s dairy; creator of Young Buck Blue

“This room is not for me”, stated my four-year-old daughter, Mary, as she entered the final ageing room where Young Buck Blue is matured. You could understand why – the…

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Killeen Cheese

Producer Focus: A visit to Killeen Cheese

Stuck deep within rural Ireland is the small market town of Portumna. It is near here, on a small family-owned farm, that one of the finest goats’ milk cheeses is…

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New Cheesemonger Louise visits Stichelton Dairy

Read how about The Courtyard Dairy’s newest recruit – Louise Pauley went to help make Stichelton cheese earlier this year, and what she loved about the place. “I’ve decided that…

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A video visit to Stichelton

Joe Schneider wanted to make a raw-milk (unpasteurised) Stilton and so set up a small dairy in partnership with the Wellbeck Estate in Nottinghamshire in 2006. Unable to call it…

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Corleggy Cheeses

The 1980s pioneer in Irish artisan cheese – a visit to Corleggy Cheeses

Hidden amongst the forest and lakes on the border between Northern and Southern Ireland is an idyllic small cottage.  Here lies a truly inspirational cheese-maker; one of the pioneers of…

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Sam visits Botton Village to make Alpine-style Summer Field

A year ago, cheesemonger Sam went out to Botton Village to make Summer Field Alpine cheese. Here’s the story of his visit, learning about Botton Village’s unique way of farming…

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Dorstone Cheese

Watch Dorstone and Finn being made…

Charlie Westhead was one of the pioneers in artisan cheesemaking in the UK. This short video tells the story of his cheesemaking business and his famous cheeses: Ragstone, Dorstone and…

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How to make cheese

How is cheese made? A basic outline.

How to make cheese? The transformation of milk into cheese is one of the brilliant achievements of humankind. It enables us to take a product that spoils fast at ambient…

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St James Cheese

St James Cheese – a video visit to Holker Farm

Martin Gott and Nicola Robinson farm a small herd of 110 Lacaune sheep in South Cumbria (England). Since 2006 Martin and Nicola have used their fabulous milk to make St…

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Kirkham's Lancashire Cheese Store

Simon visits Kirkham’s Lancashire Cheeses!

Last month, along with my colleague Sam, I met Andy at the Courtyard Dairy ready to set off for a day of fun-filled excitement making Kirkham’s Lancashire. Even though I…

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Botton Village Cheese

Simon visits Botton Village to make cheese!

Earlier this year The Courtyard Dairy visited Botton Village Creamery. Botton is part of the Camphill Village Trust (CVT), and was the first and still largest Camphill created. Below is…

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Fellstone Cheese

Creating a brand new cheese at Whin Yeats farm, a definite cheese to watch…

In early 2015 a young couple named Tom and Clare Noblet visited The Courtyard Dairy at Settle and told Andy Swinscoe and his team of their intention of starting to…

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Todd trethowan gorwydd cheese

An interview with Todd Trethowan: maker of Gorwydd Caerphilly cheese

An interview with Todd Trethowan; cheese-maker of the fabulous Gorwydd Caerphilly cheese! Find out how Todd got into cheese, what he loves on the food scene, the ethos for his…

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Etivaz cheese alpage

Etivaz: the story of a truly special cheese

Nestled high in the Swiss mountains there remains a a group of small farms make a truly special cheese: Etivaz.  Made to a Gruyere recipe but over burning log wood fires, it is a true step…

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Etivaz cheese gruyere

Etivaz Cheese – a video visit to Etivaz Cheese

This five-minute video tells the story of Etivaz cheese, a truly special cheese still made over open log wood fire high-up in the Swiss Alps.

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Joe visits Hafod Cheddar: Sam and Rachel’s quest for the perfect cheese

Part time Cheese Monger and Affineur trainee Joe Lodge visits Holden farm, makers of Hafod Cheddar, to find out about Sam and Rachel’s quest for the perfect cheese and their dedication…

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Joe visits Hafod Cheddar: how do their farming practices make their cheese special?

Part time Cheese Monger and Affineur trainee Joe Lodge visits Holden farm, makers of Hafod Cheddar, to see how their farming practices help to make their cheese special.

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Anster cheese

Anster Cheese – a video visit to St Andrew’s Farmhouse Cheese

This five-minute video tells the story of Anster Cheese, and the background to Falside farm where Jane Stewart makes Anster and St Andrews Cheddar

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Anster cheese jane stewart

How to make … Anster – a cheesemongers visit to the farm

Andy visits St Andrews Farmhouse Cheese; the last remaining producer of farm cheese is Fife, find out what makes their cheese (Anster) taste so special and how they got into making…

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Hafod Cheddar – a video visit to Holden Farm Dairy

This five-minute video tells the story of Hafod cheese, from the very beginning of the Sam and Rachel Holden’s journey into cheese making to how the cheese is made now.

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Keen for Cheddar? A visit to Keen’s Cheddar at Wincanton, Somerset

The backbone of any cheese-shop in the UK is a great Cheddar cheese.  Keen’s Cheddar, made in Somerset by the same family since 1899, is one of the best. 

Read the…

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British Brie made the French way; a visit to Baron Bigod

Bungay is a long way from North Yorkshire.  But in the pursuit of good cheese, The Courtyard Dairy’s cheesemongers will travel to the ends of the earth so it was…

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Bleu de Termignon: try it before it dies out…

Learn more about Bleu de Termignon from this documented visit to one of the last three producers.  Making by hand on a small chalet at 2000m high in the Alps…

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Baron Bigod Brie – a video visit to Fen Farm Dairy

This five-minute video tells the story of Baron Bigod cheese, from the very beginning of the Crickmore’s journey into cheese making to how the cheese is made now.

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What makes Dorstone goats’ cheese so special?

Dorstone goats cheese is a regular favourite of cheesemongers across the UK.  But what makes Dorstone so special – find out it’s story, history and how Charlie Westhead’s excellent cheesemaking…

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Cheesemonger Deb visits Botton Creamery: the home of Dale End Cheddar

Last month Andy took all the staff out to visit The Courtyard Dairy’s favourite cheesemaker: Botton Village Creamery.  Their cheeses are great, and their story is extra special, here is…

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How Dale End Cheddar is made

Last month cheesemonger Deb went off to visit The Courtyard Dairy’s favourite cheesemaker: Botton Village Creamery.  Their cheeses are great, and their story is extra special – read about Deb’s…

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Pam visits Sparkenhoe Red Leicester cheese….

Last month we sent Pamela Curran, cheesemonger in training, to see how Sparkenhoe red Leciester Cheese is made.  The Clarke’s are the only-remaining makers of unpasteurised farmhouse red Leicester cheese…

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Deb’s first visit to a cheesemaker: Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire cheese

The morning of Thursday 17th April had finally arrived.  My colleague, Pam, and I, were being taken on an amazing educational “day out” by Andy and Kathy, owners of award-winning…

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A video visit to Kirkham’s Lancashire

Every couple of months Andy, Kathy and occasionally some of The Courtyard Dairy staff like to pop over to visit good old Graham Kirkham (of Kirkham’s Lancashire cheese fame) and…

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The pioneer of British blue cheese: Robin Congdon – Beenleigh, Harbourne and Devon Blue

A story to tell the tale of Robin Congdon, the master of the blues.  The latter is rightly credited as the creator of Beenleigh Blue, Harbourne Blue and Devon Blue…

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Tunworth – A visit to Hampshire Cheeses to see how it is made!

When I told Kathy we were going on holiday for a week, she seemed excited.  And I hadn’t even told her she’d be spending a day with Hampshire Cheeses, makers…

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Hafod cheese

Hafod Cheddar cheese – two years on….?

Two years ago I visited Holden Farm Dairy and reported some very exciting things that Sam and Rachel Holden were experimenting with:  “I can’t wait to try some of his…

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Creating a modern British cheese: Cote Hill Blue

Michael and Mary Davenport had a decision to make: give up farming or find some way of adding value to their milk.

Here is the story of how they transformed a…

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Making Vacherin Mont d’Or, a visit to cheesemakers Sancey Richard

In the shadow of the real Mont d’Or (gold mountain) lays a small dairy.  At 6.00 am in the morning its three big long vats are being gently filled with…

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Stichelton Cheese – the usurped king of blues?

On a trip to London, a guy named Joe Schneider got talking about cheese.  Over a pint of bitter, an idea was mentioned and developed.  A raw-milk Stilton.  Made with…

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Finn Cheese: the story of the ‘great white one’

Finn was created in Sevenoaks as Britain’s first cream-enriched cheese (often called double or triple cream cheese) and is named after Charlie Westhead’s dog at the time (Finn is Irish…

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A visit to Neal’s Yard Creamery

Late last year I went off into the deepest darkest depths of Herefordshire to find one of Britain’s most-outstanding and pioneering cheese makers: Neal’s Yard Creamery.

Read about that visit here…

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Dale End Cheddar and Botton Creamery

All about the amazing Dale End Cheddar made on the North Yorkshire Moors by Botton Creamery.

Alastair only makes a small amount of cheese: he farms only 46 Dairy Shorthorn cows…

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Tarentais cheese – a visit to an amazing producer

I’ve visited a lot of cheesemakers.  Very rarely have I been back twice.


But some producers are awe-inspiring. Tarentais cheese is one of these.

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Salers de Buron Traditional, an ancient way of making cheese

Andy goes off to visit a very special farmer making Salers de Buron Traditional Cheese.  Making by hand on a small farm in the Auvergne mountains their method of cheesemaking is…

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Old Winchester: read the tale of a modern British cheese

One cheese-making course and 11 years of hard work have enabled Mike and Judy Smales (of Lyburn Farmhouse) to create one the finest modern British Cheeses around: Old Winchester.

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Humphrey Errington, Lanark Blue and the great cheese battle…

The story of Humprhey Errington and how Lanark Blue came to be, and their trials and tribulations along the way!

During a bleak time for Scottish cheese making, Humphrey Errington decided…

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The story of Sparkenhoe Red Leicester, Red Leicester actually made in Leicestershire!

Close to the edge of Leicestershire (barely a mile inside) is Sparkenhoe Farm, near Hinckley. Hinckley, with its clay loam underfoot, is the traditional red-Leicester area. And it was here…

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Hafod cheddar

How to make… Hafod Cheddar

Bwlchwernen Fawr. Hard enough to pronounce, let alone find, especially with enterprising Welsh locals turning round the road signs to keep us confused. It’s no wonder they say no one…

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Making Appleby’s Cheshire – a visit to the farm

Andy visits Appleby’s of Hawkstone; the last remaining producer of unpasteurised traditional cloth bound Cheshire, find out what makes their cheese special and how they got into making this mighty-fine cheese.

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Making Charolais Goats Cheese: a visit to a farmhouse maker

I drove up into the mountains of Beaujolais, and as the sun rose, my enthusiasm for seeing this cheese grew. I was visiting Isabelle and Jacques. Daily, for almost all…

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Reblcohon cave

In search of the perfect Reblochon cheese

Andy goes in search of France’s best Reblochon with a visit to the Savoie to visit and make cheese with some of the best cheesemakers in France.  Find out who…

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Making goats’ cheese the farmhouse French way!

The story of Yves,  a rustic French goat herder who makes goats’ cheese from his small herd on the side of a hill in France.

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