Producer Visits

Corleggy Cheeses

The 1980s pioneer in Irish artisan cheese – a visit to Corleggy Cheeses

Hidden amongst the forest and lakes on the border between Northern and Southern Ireland is an idyllic small cottage.  Here lies a truly inspirational cheese-maker; one of the pioneers of…

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Sam visits Botton Village to make Alpine-style Summer Field

A year ago, cheesemonger Sam went out to Botton Village to make Summer Field Alpine cheese. Here’s the story of his visit, learning about Botton Village’s unique way of farming…

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Dorstone Cheese

Watch Dorstone and Finn being made…

Charlie Westhead was one of the pioneers in artisan cheesemaking in the UK. This short video tells the story of his cheesemaking business and his famous cheeses: Ragstone, Dorstone and…

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How to make cheese

How is cheese made? A basic outline.

How to make cheese? The transformation of milk into cheese is one of the brilliant achievements of humankind. It enables us to take a product that spoils fast at ambient…

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St James Cheese

St James Cheese – a video visit to Holker Farm

Martin Gott and Nicola Robinson farm a small herd of 110 Lacaune sheep in South Cumbria (England). Since 2006 Martin and Nicola have used their fabulous milk to make St…

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Kirkham's Lancashire Cheese Store

Simon visits Kirkham’s Lancashire Cheeses!

Last month, along with my colleague Sam, I met Andy at the Courtyard Dairy ready to set off for a day of fun-filled excitement making Kirkham’s Lancashire. Even though I…

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Botton Village Cheese

Simon visits Botton Village to make cheese!

Earlier this year The Courtyard Dairy visited Botton Village Creamery. Botton is part of the Camphill Village Trust (CVT), and was the first and still largest Camphill created. Below is…

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Fellstone Cheese

Creating a brand new cheese at Whin Yeats farm, a definite cheese to watch…

In early 2015 a young couple named Tom and Clare Noblet visited The Courtyard Dairy at Settle and told Andy Swinscoe and his team of their intention of starting to…

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Todd trethowan gorwydd cheese

An interview with Todd Trethowan: maker of Gorwydd Caerphilly cheese

An interview with Todd Trethowan; cheese-maker of the fabulous Gorwydd Caerphilly cheese! Find out how Todd got into cheese, what he loves on the food scene, the ethos for his…

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Etivaz cheese alpage

Etivaz: the story of a truly special cheese

Nestled high in the Swiss mountains there remains a a group of small farms make a truly special cheese: Etivaz.  Made to a Gruyere recipe but over burning log wood fires, it is a true step…

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Etivaz cheese gruyere

Etivaz Cheese – a video visit to Etivaz Cheese

This five-minute video tells the story of Etivaz cheese, a truly special cheese still made over open log wood fire high-up in the Swiss Alps.

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Joe visits Hafod Cheddar: Sam and Rachel’s quest for the perfect cheese

Part time Cheese Monger and Affineur trainee Joe Lodge visits Holden farm, makers of Hafod Cheddar, to find out about Sam and Rachel’s quest for the perfect cheese and their dedication…

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