America’s ban on cheese mites

The Huffington Post reported today of America’s continued ban on cheese mites and, consequently certain French cheeses.

“Your Cheese Might Be Covered In Mites, And That’s A Good Thing”

“It’s time to lift the cheesecloth from over your eyes and become aware of just what exactly you’re eating next time you shovel cheese into your face. Bottom line, spiders. Or microscopic creatures that resemble teeny, tiny spiders. If you don’t keep up with news on French cheese imports (and we seriously don’t blame you for not doing so) you probably have no idea about the mites — yes, MITES — that are living on some of our favorite cheeses. These living organisms are causing the FDA to ban some of the best cheeses we get from France.”

Read all about cheese mites here at this previous post or read the full article from The Huffington Post here.

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