At last! The cheese-with-no-name is named!

st-jude-cheese-pictureAfter several months of hand-wringing at The Courtyard Dairy, Andy, along with cheese-maker Haydn Roberts has finally chosen the name for their recently-developed goats’-milk ‘cheese with no name’.  A competition to find a suitable name attracted hundreds of entrants and now we have sifted through them all and chosen the favourite.

It was tough and as a Clint Eastwood fan Andy really liked all of the entries referencing ‘the man with no name’ [Clint’s character in many of his Westerns] but Haydn (the cheesemaker) wasn’t so keen – he vetoed all of them!

Eventually with Haydn we’ve found an entry that pleased us both: ‘Amalthea’, entered by Beverley Jackson and Linda Cook, is the winning entry and will become the name of the ‘cheese-with-no-name’.

Beverley and Linda explained in their entry that ‘Amalthea’ is based in Greek mythology – Amalthea was the she-goat nurse that nourished the Greek god Zeus with her milk.  Since the ‘cheese-with-no-name’ is made from goats’ milk, ‘Amalthea’ seemed especially appropriate as a name.

The cheese was developed by Haydn Roberts in partnership with  The Courtyard Dairy.  It’s a brand new British cheese made to a typical French goats’ cheese recipe and it tastes delicious, having delicate goat and yeasty flavours complemented by a soft creamy texture.

Find out more about “Amalthea Goats Cheese” here.

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