Botton Creamery, Pies, Puds and Paul Hollywood

dale-end-cheddar-bottonBotton Village (and creamery) finally got some recognition it deserved for the mighty fine Yorkshire cheeses it makes.  Paul Hollywood featured this cheese on his Pies and Puds Programme.

Dale End Cheddar has long been a favourite of The Courtyard Dairy.  Having supported it and Botton for a long time, The Courtyard Dairy, take over 90% of the Cheddar that is produced by Botton Creamery. It is then aged it to perfection in the shop in Settle .  Supporting the ethos and what they do at Botton Camphill Community has been a key goal from day one at The Courtyard Dairy.

The cheeses we stock that are produced at Botton Creamery Botton village pictureare:

All of these can be bought online and delivered throughout the UK, click here.

In fact Paul Hollywood’s researchers first found our about Botton at The Courtyard Dairy whilst they were filming for his Pies & Puds Programme on the BBC.  It was from here they went to visit him and make the cheese, potato and onion pie featured on the programme.

If you want to know more about Botton Creamery and how Dale End Cheddar is made read The Courtyard Dairy’s visit to Botton Creamery here.

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