Cheese wedding cake testimonials & pictures (2 of 4)

Some pictures, decoration ideas and comments from customers who have previously celebrated with Cheese Wedding Cake Towers from The Courtyard Dairy.
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McGukian Cheese Wedding Cake

 It looked stunning and tasted delicious! E McGuickian

cheese-wedding-cake-customer-7Easily the best cheese supplier to local North Yorkshire and Lancashire.  O Adams

Marianne Cheese Wedding Cake

Customer Gillet Smith Cheese Wedding Cake

All the cheeses you provided us with were utterly delicious, fantastic examples. J Gillett-Smith

celebration-cheese-cake-PhilipJones2 cheese-wedding-tower-Juliajulieriley

Fabulous cheese, made a real impression. Julie Riley


cheese-wedding-cake-benson2 The cheese was the star of the evening show! B Benson.cheese-wedding-cake-Haywardcheese-wedding-tower-Juliabirthday-cheese-cake-Pete-ali

Thank you so much for the fabulous cheese wedding cake you did for our wedding at The Angel Inn.  It was amazing, in looks and taste. P Glazerbrook.


Cheese wedding cake customer 6The cheese wedding cake was an amazing success….in fact I was pretty disappointed none was left over for us to keep! K. Brown

Thody cheese wedding cakeA champion cheese wedding cake! P. Thody

Cheese wedding cake customer 5


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