Cheese Wedding Cakes – how do you choose the right one for you?

cheese-wedding-cake-photoFor those of you wanting to buy a cheese wedding cake to help you celebrate your special day, you’ll want to choose cheeses that are important to you and are tasty too.  Maybe there is a specific reason why you want a particular cheese, such as its name, maybe it has a special significance to your relationship, or maybe it is simply a cheese that you both love.

Although The Courtyard Dairy offers a range of cheese wedding cakes, balanced to make a fantastic selection (click here to view the cheese wedding cakes available online), you may want something a bit different and special for your day.

Unfortunately some cheeses just don’t work in a wedding cake (for example square cheeses like St James are difficult to fit in!) and when designing the cake you will be constrained by the diameters of certain cheeses (the cake is usually tiered, so the cheese wheels need to reduce in size as you build the cake).  For that reason its possible to end up including a cheese that looks good but doesn’t taste that great!

At The Courtyard Dairy the taste of each and every cheese is all-important.  All the cheeses they offer are chosen because they are outstanding and have a brilliant depth of flavour – they are really special and unique cheeses.  The Courtyard Dairy prides itself on being a cheesemonger that sells great cheese made by small independent farmers – and this applies equally to the cheeses that make up the cheese wedding cakes.  In recognition of their dedication towards quality, The Courtyard Dairy was awarded ‘Cheesemonger of the Year’ at the World Cheese Awards, and was a finalist for BBC Radio 4’s Food and Farming Awards ‘Best Food Retailer’.

Ruby cheese wedding cakeOften the best thing to do is to visit the shop so you can taste a range of cheeses and construct a cake with the flavours you love.  The Courtyard Dairy will build a cake for you that is balanced not only in terms of textures and flavours (so you get a diverse range of cheeses, with greater quantity of the popular ones, such as Cheddar) and will help guide you as you choose some lovely cheeses from the award-winning range.

Of course, it’s not always possible for everyone to visit North Yorkshire for a cheese wedding cake tasting.  If you can’t make it, then there’s an alternative: give Andy or Kathy Swinscoe a call on 01729 823 291 to discuss directly with them the cheeses you love and your requirements.  They will then put together some suggestions of potential cakes, layers and prices for you to think about.  If you like the sound of some of the cheeses, they can then send you a cheese wedding cake sample box, so you make sure your cake will be perfect for you!

Once you have chosen the cheese wedding cake, it will be delivered to you wherever you are in the UK, and in plenty of time (preferably a couple of days before your wedding).

Then it is time to decorate your cake:
For decoration ideas on your cheese wedding cake you might get a few ideas here from pictures taken by previous customers and their testimonials.  Andy says the simplest way to decorate a cheese wedding cake is often just to buy an extra small bouquet of flowers to match the wedding then use the heads, scattered across the cake.  Or a selection of fruit (figs, grapes, red-fruit) and nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, brazils) will also look great.  That’s all that was used in the professional pictures on The Courtyard Dairy website.

And finally:
Before you order your cheese wedding cake, take a look at the Tips & Tricks page: Andy has assembled and sent out hundreds of cheese wedding cakes over the years – his experience is invaluable.

The Courtyard Dairy prides itself on selling the best quality cheese available in the UK and championing independent farmhouse producers.  If you’d like them to help you create a really special wedding cheesecake that will amaze your guests on your special day, please just give them a ring on 01729 823 291.

When you choose The Courtyard Dairy for your cheese wedding cake, you know it will be extra-special.  Click here to see a variety of cakes made for other happy couples, their pictures and testimonials, and some decoration ideas.


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