Frequently Asked Questions – the monthly cheese club gift

monthly-chese-giftEvery month cheese selections are delivered to lucky cheese lovers throughout the UK.  By far the most popular cheese box, and the one that has the most repeat customers, is The Courtyard Dairy monthly cheese club – where affineur Andy and the cheesemongers of The Courtyard Dairy choose the best cheeses each month.  Often given as a gift, the monthly cheese club can be given for a single month or to last for several months.

To view the details of the monthly cheese clubs please click here, or read on below for the frequently asked questions about the monthly cheese club.

Can I change the date?

Yes, you can choose when and how often you’d like delivery.  Although The Courtyard Dairy normally sends out the monthly cheese selections on the first Wednesday of each month, you are welcome to choose to have them delivered whenever you like.  Simply pop a note explaining which dates you would like your monthly cheese box in the ‘Special Instructions’ section on the online checkout.  You can also decide just which months you would like delivery – see further down.

I am giving the monthly cheese club as a gift.  Will I get confirmation?

When you buy a monthly cheese club subscription The Courtyard Dairy will send you a letter confirming your gift and the months it will be delivered.  This letter will be delivered on the initial date you have chosen when checking out online.

Cheese box clubWhen is it delivered?

Monthly cheese deliveries are normally sent out on either the first (if you buy one-off or bulk selections) or second (if you have a rolling, direct debit subscription) Wednesday of each month.  The Courtyard Dairy can send out confirmation letters for a different chosen delivery date (with cheese if you’d like).  You can change the date and frequency of the cheeses being sent out by mentioning it in the ‘Special Instructions’ section on the online checkout (or dropping Andy an email at [email protected]).

How much cheese will I get?

For the standard monthly cheese selection you get three cheeses weighing 700g+ in total, plus a packet of crackers.

For the large monthly cheese selection you get a total of five cheeses weighing 1.1kg, plus a packet of crackers.

What else will I receive?

As well as the cheeses (many of which are unique or brand new) you also receive:

Detailed notes about each cheese and why The Courtyard Dairy affineurs have chosen them for this month’s cheese box, plus an additional detailed feature on cheese – this can range from telling the story of a farm visit (see this example: Creating a modern British blue: Cote Hill), to the history of a cheese’s name, or how Andy classifies and ages cheese (see Classifying cheese by how it is made – part 1).

View the monthly cheese clubs here.


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