Help name a brand-new cheese…

St jude cheese pictureWin a three-month subscription to The Courtyard Dairy Monthly Cheese Club by simply thinking of a name for a brand-new goats’ cheese

The Courtyard Dairy needs your help.  Over the past six months The Courtyard Dairy’s affineur Andy Swinscoe has been working closely with cheese-maker Haydn Roberts to develop a brand new, soft, unpasteurised goats’ cheese.  It’s available now on the counter at The Courtyard Dairy, and it’s delicious.  But for the life of them, Andy and Haydn can’t think of a name that does it justice!

Currently referring to it as “The Cheese with No Name” (or “Clint Eastwood” for those movie fans among you), they are looking to call it something a bit more appropriate.  That’s where you come in –  all you have to do is submit your suggestion for an appropriate name and, should your suggestion be chosen as the one that works best, not only will you get to ‘name that cheese’, but you’ll also receive a complimentary three-month subscription to The Courtyard Dairy Monthly Cheese Club (delivered direct to your door).

The “Cheese with No Name” is light and fresh, with a soft creaminess and a delicate, herby finish.  Made by Haydn Roberts in Worcester using fresh goats’ milk, it is based on a French cheese recipe.  Haydn delivers this cheese to The Courtyard Dairy after about a week, when it is stable, then it is ‘hastened’ and dried slightly by Andy before being matured by him for three to four weeks until it ‘breaks down’, allowing the rich flavours to show and the luscious texture to develop, without being too overpoweringly ‘goaty’.

Find out more about “The Cheese with No Name” here.

Your entry should be emailed to [email protected] or handed in at The Courtyard Dairy shop in Settle before APRIL 30th.  Entry is free, and you can enter as many times as you wish.  Remember to put your name, home address and email address on your entry.  The winning entry will be selected by Andy and Haydn on 10th May and the winner will be notified by email.

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