Mail order cheese: the eco-friendly way The Courtyard Dairy packages each cheese delivery ordered online

The Courtyard Dairy pays tremendous attention to ensure the highest quality of cheese is sold in the cheese shop or sent out for delivery direct to the customer, so that whether customers visit the shop themselves, or order cheese online for delivery to their home, they will receive the same quality of product and experience.

But when the cheese is delivered to a customer’s home, The Courtyard Dairy also needs to ensure that Cheese gift boxthe cheese gifts and selections each customer receives is in the same in pristine condition, and looking as good, as if they’d just purchased it in the shop.  Which is why The Courtyard Dairy pays a lot of attention to how packages are gift wrapped and how the cheese selection boxes will look when received.

Just as importantly, The Courtyard Dairy plays its part for the environment, too, by using eco-friendly packaging; there’s no point trying to support sustainable small farmers without taking responsibility for their own actions!.

Cheese gift selection box pictureThe boxes used for mail order deliveries

Each of the gift and cheese boxes is carefully enclosed in recyclable double-lined cardboard to protect and insulate the cheese delivery.  Ice gel packs are included in each pack to keep the cheese chilled and fresh.

The filler in the cheese selection boxes:

The packaging filler on all the gift and cheese boxes and hampers is ‘wood wool’.  This eco-friendly solution comes from a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified supplier and is completely biodegradable.  (The FSC insists that all trees cuts down are replaced or are allowed to regenerate naturally.  They also make sure that rare plants, animals and indigenous people in felling areas are ‘ring-fenced’.)

Carefully packing the cheese into boxes in this way is much more eco-friendly than using the polystyrene and plastic based bubble products.


Whenever possible, original packaging is re-used.  Where this isn’t possible, however, the packaging is locally recycled (with the proceeds donated to Settle Swimming Pool).

Gift wrapping

When the cheese is ordered to be delivered gift wrapped, it is packed into a luxury laminated card box, before being finished with attractive ribbon to which is attached a tag on which is hand-written your gift message…

All the twine used is jute from sustainable sources, which is biodegradable too!

Yorkshire wool

Local farmer and butcher, Chris Wildman of Paganum Produce uses a novel way to send out fresh-meat from his online shop: he uses recycled Yorkshire wool to insulate and protect his parcels (from!  It’s a method The Courtyard Dairy is investigating, to see if it is appropriate for them to adopt.


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