John Rudden: an interview with chef/owner of Grassington House Hotel

John rudden grassington house chefAn interview with John Rudden, owner and chef of the award winning Grassington House Hotel. Find out what he loves on the food scene, his ethos for food and his recommendations on the best places to eat and shop for food!

What made you get into food?

Working with food on a market stall in Skipton.

What is your philosophy for your food/business?

Simple honest food with a twist.

Good produce cooked with respect and emphasising the core ingredient.

What is your ‘show-off’ dish?

Our new Pateley spring lamb dish…

When you are at home what is your staple dish for the family?

Great Sunday breakfast or Sunday dinner.

Do you have a guilty food pleasure when no-one else is around?

Seriously good custard with yoghurt and fruit.

What is your favourite place to go eat (if you’re not eating at yours!)?

It’s got to be Simon Radley’s Restaurant at the Chester Grosvenor Hotel.  Or the tapas bars in Barcelona food market .

What chefs / places do you admire and why?

Aiden Byrne at Manchester House; A delight to eat exciting well executed food in a vibrant environment.

Do you have any other hidden foodie gems you think are worth people knowing about – shops, producers or otherwise?

Weatherheads Butchers in Grassington and Pateley Bridge.

Do you have a favourite cheese at the moment?   If so, why is it your favourite?

Amalthea: simple but great.

Where do you look for inspiration in your business?

Everywhere! From suppliers – in particular my new forage contact which is delivering wild fennel, garlic, chickweed, cleavers and much more.

What couldn’t you live without?

My new kitchen Eco friendly induction hobs, it has great temperature control and a great improvement for the working environment.

What is your aim for the next year?

To maintain and grow our customer base, to develop my kitchen team, to take time in planning my – our culinary direction; basically to do everything better.

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Their hotel can be found in Grassington central square.

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