List of Organic Cheesemakers in the UK

unpasteurised-organic-cheeseBelow lists all the organic cheese producers in the UK, from farmhouse to large scale; those cheeses that are made with UNPATEURISED (RAW) organic milk are further highlighted.

This data was compiled from the trade associations that certify organic businesses in the UK: The Soil Association, Organic Farmers & Growers Ltd, Organic Food Federation, SOPA (Scottish Organic Producer Association) and the Biodynamic Association.

Please see the further footnote for further details on organic cheesemaking and how it corresponds to traditional production.

Farm Producers (making with milk from their own herd of animals)

  • Abbey Home Farm
  • Botton Creamery  (Biodynamic) – makes UNPASTEURISED cheese (raw organic cheese). Buy online.
  • Bwlchwernen Fawr / Holden Farm Dairy – makes UNPASTEURISED – raw organic cheese (some but not all their cheeses are unpasteurised).  Buy online.
  • Connage Highland Dairy
  • Cream O’ Galloway – makes UNPASTEURISED – raw organic cheese
  • Daylesford Organic Limited
  • Gorsehill Abbey Farm – makes UNPASTEURISED cheese (some but not all their cheeses are unpasteurised). Buy online.
  • Laverstoke Park Farm
  • Loch Arthur Creamery (Biodynamic) makes UNPASTEURISED raw organic cheese.
  • Park Farm (Bath Soft Cheese Co.)
  • Pextenement Cheese Company
  • Plaw Hatch (Biodynamic) – makes UNPASTEURISED raw organic cheese
  • Staffordshire Organic Cheese
  • Trethowan’s Dairy – makes UNPASTEURISED raw organic cheese. Buy online.
  • Woefuldane Organic Farm
  • Wooton Organic – makes UNPASTEURISED raw organic cheese

Small Scale Producers

  • Acorn Dairy
  • Appleby Creamery Ltd
  • Caws Cenarth Cheese Ltd
  • Denhay Farms Ltd
  • High Weald Dairy LLP
  • Langage Farm Dairy Products
  • Leagram Cheeses
  • Neals Yard Creamery. Buy online.
  • Turnstone Farming Company Ltd

Large Scale Producers

  • Abergavenny Fine Foods Ltd
  • Adams Food  Ltd
  • Alvis Bros Ltd
  • Arla Foods – Cornish Country Larder
  • Ashley Chase Estates Ltd
  • Belton Cheese Co Ltd
  • Bradbury & Son Ltd
  • Calon Wen Organic Milk Co-operative
  • County Milk Products Ltd
  • Cropwell Bishop Creamery Ltd
  • D W & C M Evans
  • Dairy Crest Limited (Frome site)
  • E & ER Davies – Sanclear Organic
  • Godminster Vintage
  • Grahams Dairies Organic Milk Supplies Ltd
  • Incledon Limited
  • Lubborn Cheese Ltd
  • Milklink Cheese Company
  • Organic 2000
  • Organic Milk Suppliers Co-operative Ltd
  • Planet Organic Ltd
  • R L Clapp & Sons (Cheesemakers) Ltd
  • Riverford
  • Singletons Dairy Ltd
  • Windyridge Cheese Ltd
  • Wyke Farms Ltd
  • Yeo Valley Farms


I often get asked about organic cheese and what we do that is organic.  We support hand-made traditional farmhouse cheese, and, where it can be, made with unpasteurised (raw) milk.  Our business ethos is to support and champion these farms that still make a product true to their terroir.

For this reason The Courtyard Dairy’s cheeses are made on farms where they have their own animals and still farm in a sustainable manner – to make the best cheeses you must start off with the best milk which means good farming pasture and great animal welfare.  This goes hand-in-hand with many of the principles of organic agriculture and is why some of our cheeses are from organic (and even biodynamic) farms.

You can also rest assured all of our cheeses are from farms are small scale, family farms that farm and make cheese in a sustainable way even if they are not certified.

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