Cheese Musings & Tips

HRH Prince of Wales with Cheese

His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales to visit The Courtyard Dairy

This Wednesday, 22nd March, Andy and Kathy Swinscoe, owners of The Courtyard Dairy will be thrilled to welcome his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales to their shop.  The Prince…

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The history of fruitcake paired with cheese

If you’ve heard that Northerners are apparently keen on a wedge of fruitcake to complement their cheese, you might be asking is it just a rumour, or is it a…

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History of British Cheese

A History of British Cheese – The modern-day British Cheese Revival.

With British artisan cheese all but disappearing in post-war Britain, things were indeed dire for farmhouse cheese makers. A few continued to make cheese, encouraged by the remaining great cheesemongers…

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Cais Na Tire Sheep Cheese

An Interview with Barry Cahalan: sheep farmer, and owner of Cais Na Tire cheese

An interview with Barry Cahalan; farmer and owner of the fabulous Cais Na Tire cheese! Find out what Barry loves on the food scene, his ethos for his business and…

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Mike Smales of Lyburn Cheese

An interview with Mike Smales: farmer and maker of Old Winchester cheese

Tell us briefly about your business and your career. We have been milking cows here (starting with just 3!) since 1952, on the tenancy farm we obtained. The farm has…

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Barhwey's Cheddar

An interview with Tricia Bey: owner of Barwhey’s Farm

Brief synopsis of your business & career? Prior to setting up Barwhey’s cheese I lived in London – working for many years as a management consultant and then MD of…

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Cheese wedding cake testimonials & pictures (3 of 4)

Some pictures and comments from customers who have previously celebrated with Cheese Wedding Cakes from The Courtyard Dairy.

(part 3)

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Stichelton Cheese Dairy

An interview with Joe Schneider: creator of Stichelton

An interview with Joe Schneider; creator and cheese-maker of the fabulous Stichelton cheese! Find out what Joe loves on the food scene, his ethos for his business, how he got…

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low riggs hattan cheese

Choosing the right cow breed: a case study of Low Riggs Farm, North Yorkshire

When Andrew and Sally Hattan took over the tenancy of run-down upland farm Low Riggs Middlesmoor, Nidderdale, in 2007, their goal was to create a farm that cared for the…

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Groaning cheese ritual

Andy & Kathy Recreate Age-old ‘Passing a Baby through Cheese’ Tradition

The Courtyard Dairy, has re-enacted an age-old tradition of passing a newborn baby through a wheel of cheese. Andy and his wife Kathy (owner’s of Settle’s award-winning cheesemonger) found out…

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Cow breed banner

Do different cow breeds make a difference to cheese quality?

If you go into any good cheese shop, you’ll often hear the cheesemongers talking about the breed of cow that produced the milk from which a cheese was made. Phrases…

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Government to make not eating cheese illegal?

THE UK’s Department for Dairy (UKDforD) has today released an official white paper stating that the government intends over the next five years to incentivise all UK adults to eat…

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