Cheese Musings & Tips

How to decorate your cheese wedding cake tower: (part 4 of 4)

Some pictures, decoration ideas and comments from customers who have previously celebrated with Cheese Wedding Cake Towers from The Courtyard Dairy.

(part 4)

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Young buck cheese mike fancy

Meet Mike – maker of Young Buck cheese | An exclusive tasting

An exclusive cheese tasting and an opportunity to discover the story behind Young Buck – directly from the man who makes it.

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Blue cheese mould

Blue cheese – what is the blue mould, and how does it come about?

How does the blue veining come about – is it mould?  And how does it get in the cheese?

Find out all the answers here from the history of blue cheese…

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Why cheese red

Why is red cheese ‘red’?

Have you ever wondered why some cheeses, like Cheshire, Red Leicester and Shropshire Blue, have such a dark red/orangey hue?  And did you wonder “Is it natural?”

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Hafod cheddar sam holden banner

An interview with Sam Holden: maker of Hafod cheese

An interview with Sam Holden; cheese-maker of the fabulous Hafod cheese! Find out what Sam loves on the food scene, the ethos for his business and his recommendations on the…

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Washed rind cheese

What is a ‘washed-rind’ cheese? And why do they smell?

Ever wondered why some cheeses really stink?  And what is a ‘washed-rind’ cheese?  Find out here…

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Tunworth cheese

An interview with Stacey Hedges: maker of Tunworth cheese

An interview with Stacey Hedges; cheese-maker of the fabulous Tunworth and Winslade cheeses! Find out what Stacey loves on the food scene, her ethos for her business and her recommendations…

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Rollright Cheese From Kingstone Dairy

An interview with David Jowett: maker of Rollright Cheese

Brief synopsis of your business & career? We began experimental cheesemaking on the 9th March 2015, and began to sell cheese in August 2015 The cheese dairy itself was built…

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An interview with Marion Roeleveld: goat farmer and maker of Killeen cheese

An interview with Marion Roeleveld; farmer and cheese-maker of the fabulous Killeen cheese! Find out what Marion loves on the food scene, her ethos for her business and her recommendations…

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John Rudden: an interview with chef/owner of Grassington House Hotel

An interview with John Rudden, owner and chef of the award winning Grassington House Hotel. Find out what he loves on the food scene, his ethos for food and his…

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Amazing Etivaz: come to an exclusive limited-availability tasting…

Last month Andy and Kathy went to visit Frederic and Irene Chabloz, one of the few producers of Etivaz cheese.  Perched 1550m high on the side of a mountain, they…

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Raw milk cheese revolution

Unpasteurised v. Pasteurised cheese – what are the differences?

What is the difference between cheeses made with raw and pasteurised milk?  Does it make a difference to flavour? Are there any health concerns?

Click below to a balanced article on…

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