Cheese Musings & Tips

John Rudden: an interview with chef/owner of Grassington House Hotel

An interview with John Rudden, owner and chef of the award winning Grassington House Hotel. Find out what he loves on the food scene, his ethos for food and his…

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Amazing Etivaz: come to an exclusive limited-availability tasting…

Last month Andy and Kathy went to visit Frederic and Irene Chabloz, one of the few producers of Etivaz cheese.  Perched 1550m high on the side of a mountain, they…

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Raw milk cheese revolution

Unpasteurised v. Pasteurised cheese – what are the differences?

What is the difference between cheeses made with raw and pasteurised milk?  Does it make a difference to flavour? Are there any health concerns?

Click below to a balanced article on…

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An interview with Sarah Hampton: creator of Capra Nouveau

An interview with Sarah Hampton; farmer and cheese-maker of the fabulous Capra Nouveau cheese! Find out what Sarah loves on the food scene, her ethos for her business and her…

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Brie vs. Camembert – what is the difference between Brie and Camembert?

I once had an esteemed food critic come into the shop and say “well, Brie and Camembert – they’re the same thing anyway”.  Not wanting to contradict and upset him…

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Unusual French Cheeses for Bastille Day

This is the month to talk about French cheese – what better time to celebrate French cheese than Bastille Day on Tuesday 14th July.  So this July give a little…

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An interview with best-selling food writer and TV chef: Valentine Warner

Find out what got Val into food, his secret foodie ‘gems’ and what he loves about the British food scene in this interview with Valentine Warner; cook, TV presenter and…

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List of Organic Cheesemakers in the UK

Below lists all the organic cheese producers in the UK, from farmhouse to large scale; those cheeses that are made with UNPATEURISED (RAW) organic milk are further highlighted.

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At last! The cheese-with-no-name is named!

After several months of hand-wringing at The Courtyard Dairy along with cheese-maker Haydn Roberts has finally chosen the name for their recently-developed goats’-milk ‘cheese with no name’.  A competition to…

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The Courtyard Dairy interviews food writer: Jenny Linford

An interview with Jenny Linford; food and cookery book writer – including author of the fabulous Great British Cheese Book.  Find out what got Jenny into food, her secret foodie…

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Martin Gott: an interview with the creator of St James cheese

An interview with Martin Gott; farmer and cheese-maker of the fabulous St James cheese! Find out what Martin loves on the food scene, his ethos for his business and his…

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What makes a cheese a Cheddar cheese?

The world’s most popular cheese, Cheddar still accounts for over half of all British cheese sales (52%), but what exactly is Cheddar?  

Made in Somerset?  

Aged for over a year? 


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