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Scottish cheese – the great revival

Scotland had lost all its farmhouse cheeses. They’d all gone to the great farmhouse cheese heaven.


In 1972, the Scottish Farmhouse Cheese-makers Trophy was discontinued, but a recent resurgence has…

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Using separators for your cheese wedding cake

If you’d like to add height to your cheese wedding cake why not add separators between each layer.

See more about how these separators work by clicking below.

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Where to buy local food

It’s not all about cheese!  Sometimes Kathy and I have to eat other things too.

Click below to read more are some of the favourite places we have found to buy…

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The history of Stilton cheese: from it’s origins to present day….

The English have a trump card – Stilton.  An elderly English cheesemonger once visiting me in France once said: “The French still can’t do the blue ones, eh?”  To be…

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How to create a Christmas cheeseboard

Christmas and cheese go hand in hand, and there simply isn’t a better way to finish off the Christmas meal than with a glass of Port and a chunk of…

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Botton Creamery, Pies, Puds and Paul Hollywood

Botton Village (and creamery) on the North Yorkshire Moors finally gets some recognition it deserves for the mighty fine Yorkshire cheeses it makes.

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The great cheddar heist

September 29th 1998.  10 days before the British Cheese Awards results are released.  Will Montgomery’s Cheddar win ‘Best Cheddar’ and ‘Best Traditional British Cheese’ for the third year on the…

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Brilliant new cheeses to watch out for…

Details and an introduction into five of the best newly invented British Artisan cheeses from this year.  Including Baron Bigod, Cais Na Tire, Little Anne…

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Mites, mites, glorious cheese mites!

Cheese mites. An age-old enemy. They revel in life’s lactic joys , burrowing they way deep into the rind. Slowly but surely eating their way through dry, aged cheese, turning…

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Rennet in cheese – the science: how does rennet work?

Rennet is one of the most important tools in making any cheese.  But how does it work and what does it do?

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James Aldridge – a true pioneer of artisan British cheese

James Aldridge became a leading figure in the revival of specialist farmhouse cheese. It is thanks to these visionaries like him that unpasteurised farmhouse cheese was kept alive. They kick-started…

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Cheese Wedding Cakes – how do you choose the right one for you?

For those of you wanting to buy a cheese wedding cake to help you celebrate your special day, you’ll want to choose cheeses that are important to you and are…

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