Raclette grills

swing-raclette-cheese-grill-pictureHave you ever sat on top of a Swiss mountain eating bubbling, hot raclette cheese melted over crisp new potatoes?

Well you can easily recreate that classic Alpine experience thanks to this intuitively designed raclette grill from Swiss manufacturer Stöckli.

Stöckli were the first to create the raclette grill back in 1971, and since then their small family firm has continued to create raclette machines of the utmost quality.  Using top-grade materials and know how, these designer Raclette grills are made in Switzerland and perfect for grilling slices or hunks of raclette cheese.

Choose from:

2, 4 and 8 Person Raclette Grill

Perfect for dinner parties, these raclette machines allow you to grill underneath or cook on top using the mini-pans provided.  Each person has their own mini pan so slices of raclette cheese can be cooked at leisure under the hot element, or fish, meat and vegetables can be cooked on the hot top surface.

Fun to use, these make a good centrepiece and create a talking point for any dinner party.

Click here to view the range.

The Swing Raclette Machine

Designed to recreate that true Mountain experience, large wedges of raclette cheese can be grilled in the traditional way under the heated element, before being swung out and scraped off direct onto the potatoes.  Click here to view the full product details.

Both grills are mains electric powered.

For a raclette cheese recipe please click here.



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