Raw Milk Appreciation Day (22nd April 2017)

Raw Milk Day - UnpasteurisedOnce a year, cheese-makers and cheesemongers across the globe celebrate the production of raw milk and raw milk cheeses on Raw Milk Appreciation Day.

Small scale farmhouse cheese makers that continue to make raw milk cheeses (like Parmesan and Roquefort, which are always made from raw milk) deserve homage and championing for their dedication towards producing a traditional product and keeping to the highest standards in hygiene, dairy farming and cheese-making. In the north of England there are barely a handful of farms left that still make cheese with raw milk. Those that still do include Botton Village, Kirkham’s Lancashire, Doddington, WhinYeatsTenAcres Farm, and St James.

To celebrate and support raw milk cheese producers throughout the UK, The Courtyard Dairy, along with well known cheese retailers Neal’s Yard Dairy, London Cheese Co. and Jericho Cheese, have decided that on Raw Milk Appreciation Day (22nd April), they will sell only cheeses made with raw milk. Show your support for these small dedicated farms by buying their raw milk cheese.

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