Supporting ‘Send A Cow’ – helping feed Africa through dairy cows….

Cheese shop The Courtyard Dairy near Settle has teamed up with the charity ‘Send a Cow’ to celebrate ‘Februdairy’. For every new three-month subscription to The Courtyard Dairy’s popular monthly cheese club taken out in February and March, The Courtyard Dairy will donate £10 to international development charity, Send a Cow; which helps feed African communities by providing them with dairy cows and the resources to farm their own food.

Andy Swinscoe of The Courtyard Dairy is thrilled with the partnership “It’s great we can promote all that is brilliant about farm-made sustainable cheese, whilst at the same time raising funds for a charity which makes a positive difference to families in Africa.”

The scheme was set up to celebrate ‘Februdairy’, which was created in 2018 to promote the brilliance of the British dairy industry and milk in general. “We are surrounded by many small family farmers in our community,” said Andy, “And we wanted to find a way to support them and show how good their cheese and milk is. The farmers we work with take their sustainability, environmental and ethical considerations very seriously: by using techniques such as mob-grazing, replanting herbal leys and using traditional breeds, these dairy farmers now have some of the healthiest soil, superb habitat biodiversity, and excellent carbon-capture. ”

Send a Cow Africa

“Milk is such a fabulous resource,” he adds, “We have been drinking milk for over seven thousand years: it has been crucial to allow the human race to move away from a nomadic lifestyle, and it is fabulously good for you and full of useful nutrients. And it’s a product that is produced right on your doorstep, too!”

Send a Cow is a force for change in rural Africa, transforming the lives of 2 million family farmers in the last 30 years. Through providing expert training in sustainable, organic farming techniques, Send a Cow helps communities to grow plentiful food and raise themselves out of poverty, for good. When included in a Send a Cow project, dairy cows can provide essential nutrients for growing children and vulnerable adults. 65% of Send a Cow project members are women and many live with disabilities or are HIV positive.
Increased soil fertility from cow manure means families can feed themselves on the land they have and, as a whole, these farm systems capture carbon.

Subscribers to The Courtyard Dairy’s monthly cheese club receive a monthly (or bi-monthly) delivery of three fabulous farm-made raw-milk cheeses direct to their door, wherever they are in the UK. A three-month subscription costs £84 of which £10 will be forwarded straight to Send a Cow.

You can subscribe to The Courtyard Dairy’s monthly cheese club here> and find out more about Send a Cow here >

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