Top Ten Cheese Gifts for Mother’s Day

Yes, it’s that time of year again… and don’t forget that mums love cheese!

Here are ten amazing Mother’s Day cheese gifts just right for mums that love cheese:

1.  Curious and Unique Cheese Selection.  Any lover of cheese will think this selection box is a delight: four amazing cheeses that are still relatively unknown and unique.  Not only something new for your mum to try, Mothers day cheese giftsbut outstanding flavours, too – these will no doubt become her firm favourites.

2.  Monthly Cheese Club (3-Cheese).  One of the most popular purchases, all year round!  Treat your mum to the gift that keeps on giving – a monthly subscription to The Courtyard Dairy cheese club.  Simply choose how often and for how long you’d like your mum to receive the cheeses: a range of spectacular cheeses at their best will be selected and sent to her, accompanied by detailed fact sheets and features on cheese.

3.  Award-Winners Cheese Selection.  When only the best will do, celebrate with four award-winning cheeses that have all come top of their class – light-mousse goats cheese, powerful rich Camembert, tangy Old Winchester, and winey Gorgonzola.  Delicious.

4.  Camembert Baker.  Give your mum the night off – buy her a Camembert Baker and Tunworth to bake in it, then show her how good you are at cooking!  Add some crusty bread and you’ve got one of the best cheese meals there is!

5.  Cheese Gift Vouchers.  If you’re not sure what your mum likes, a versatile Courtyard Dairy gift voucher will mean she can purchase exactly the cheese she wants.

Mums day cheese gift6.  Olive-Wood Cheese Board.  Every cheese-loving mum needs something elegant on which to lovingly serve her favourite cheeses – and there’s nothing better than a beautiful olive-wood board.  With a delightful rippling patina, these are cut from Spanish Olive trees that have died naturally.

7.  Mistralou Goats’ Cheese.  This cheese comes into season in early March after five months of winter abstinence, because the goat farmers still milk seasonally.  Made by the Masto family, using milk from an ancient breed of goat grazing the hillsides of Provence, this is a truly special goats’ cheese – herbaceous, floral and honeyed, with chestnutty undertone.

8.  Simply Delicious Hamper.  An extravagant Hamper that your mum will adore (as will the whole family).  Numerous cheeses, meats and wines, all packaged in a handy picnic biscuit – we’ll just have to hope the sun comes out on Mother’s Day!

9.  St Jude.  Made by ‘mum’ Julie Cheyney, this cheese is rich, elegant and creamy.  Based on the fine French cheeses of Lyon, it is a delight to eat.

10.  Extraordinary Cheese Selection.  Now is your mum’s last chance to enjoy Vacherin Mont d’Or before the season ends.  This cheese box includes a whole Vacherin served along with two wonderfully indulgent cheeses: nice and ripe Gorgonzola Dolce, and an amazing Reserve Gruyère.  Made for those that want to give the ultimate cheese gift.Mother s day cheese wine hamper gift

Whatever gift you choose – no doubt your mum let you share a bit…?

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