Battlefield Blue bake – cheese-maker David Clarke’s recipe

battlefield-blue-cheese-recipeCheese-maker David Clarke of Leicestershire Handmade Cheese has a favourite way to cook his creation that is Battlefield Blue, top try his secret recipe just follow the instructions below!

This recipe is one in a collection of recipes gleaned by The Courtyard Dairy from the cheese-makers themselves, detailing how they love to make amazing dishes with the odds and ends of cheese!


Ingredients (for one person)
2 teaspoon chutney
Slice a third off the bottom of a Battlefield Blue.
Put into a ramekin and put in a hot oven (180c – preheated)
When bubbling take out, spoon chutney into the centre and consume!
Andy and Kathy’s comment
A great lunchtime snack.  We served it with tomato chutney and warmed ciabatta bread.


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