Buckwheat Crumpet, St James, ramson oil and truffle (by Heft chef-owner Kevin Tickle)

St James Cheese RecipeKevin Tickle, chef-owner of Heft in Cumbria, uses St James in this newly-created spring dish. Try his recipe below.

Makes about 8 crumpets, enough for eight people as a starter, four as a larger portion

225g buckwheat flour
75g plain flour
10g yeast
10g salt
20g caster sugar
5g baking powder
380ml water at 38C
Handful of ramson (wild garlic) – 10-15 leaves
300ml rapeseed oil
300g St James cheese
1/2 small truffle
Celery cress (for garnish)

Method: Crumpet
Add yeast to the warm water and stir till it dissolves. Set aside while mixing the flours.
Mix flours, salt, sugar and baking powder, make a well, pour in water and yeast mix, stir well to activate the gluten.
Leave somewhere warm to prove for 45 minutes.
Knock-back, then prove again for 30 minutes.
Heat a greased pan to around 180C, place greased rings inside then pour the mixture into the rings.
Lower heat and cook gently until the top starts to set.
Remove from pan, leave to cool.

Method: Ramson Oil
Blitz ramson (wild garlic) in a blender with warmed (60C) rapeseed oil.
Strain through muslin overnight in the fridge.

Method: final assembly
Warm the crumpets.
Drizzle with ramson oil.
Spread ripe St James cheese on top.
Grate ‘shed-loads’ of truffle on top.
Garnish with celery cress.

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