‘Old Winchester’ Butty – cheese-maker Mike Smales’s recipe.

old-winchester-cheese-recipeThe owner of Lyburn Farm, Mike Smales, has a favourite, and very simple, way to enjoy his Old Winchester cheese at a certain time of the year: “We have two acres of Little Gem lettuce we harvest.  So we take one lettuce straight from the field, prepare a sandwich with thick layer of lettuce, add some salad cream, and grate shed loads of Old Winchester on top, put the final piece of bread on top, and scrunch our way through it.  Can’t beat it.”

This recipe is one in a collection of recipes gleaned by The Courtyard Dairy from the cheese-makers themselves, detailing how they love to make amazing dishes with the odds and ends of cheese! View more cheese-maker’s recipes here.

Andy and Kathy’s comment

Not so much need for a method and ingredients this time… but it made a fantastic sandwich, we can tell you that: a really crunchy butty.  The salad cream went perfectly…

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