Ogleshield raclette recipe

raclette-recipeRecreate this classic Alpine dish in your own home!  Perfect for those cold wintry nights.

Ingredients (for 2 people)

300g Ogleshield, or other raclette cheese
500g New potatoes, washed
Jar of pickled onions
Jar of cucumber pickle, or pickled gherkins
Freshly ground pepper


Place the new potatoes in a seasoned (bay leaf and salt) pan of cold water and bring to the boil.  Boil until cooked (about 15 minutes) until they can be pierced with a fork, drain and keep warm.

Cook the raclette cheese according to your machine.  For grilling in mini pans, cut the raclette into thin slices (leaving the rind on). Place the cheese as close as possible to the hot grill until bubbling and brown.  Do eat the rind – it is absolutely gorgeous!

Serve on top of the potatoes with ground pepper and the pickles to garnish.

Try it with sliced charcuterie and crusty bread for a really hearty meal!

About Ogleshield
Jamie Montgomery (of Montgomery Cheddar fame) makes this raclette-style cheese at North Cadbury, deep within Somerset.  The Montgomery family have been cheese makers since 1911 but Ogleshield is a recent invention to make use of their rich Jersey milk.  Jamie’s mother always said Jersey milk can’t be used to make good Cheddar (it is too high in fat and the globules are too big) so for a long-time they sold their Jersey milk for drinking, whilst making Cheddar from their other, Holstein-Friesian, herd.
Two apprentices at Manor Farm, however, were charged with using the Jersey milk to make cheese.  They created a supple cheese, which they called Shield.  A man called Oglethorpe thought it would be a good idea to start washing the rind of the young Shield cheese and so… Ogleshield, was born.  Ogleshield is an ideal raclette grilling cheese.
(PS the word Raclette comes from the French words ‘racler’: to scrape.)


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