Sparkenhoe Red Leicester cheesy dums – cheese-maker David Clarke’s recipe

sparkenhoe-cheesy-dums-recipeCheese-maker David Clarke of Leicestershire Handmade Cheese has a favourite way to cook Sparkenhoe red Leicester and to use up leftover mash… read on below!

This recipe is one in a collection of recipes gleaned by The Courtyard Dairy from the cheese-makers themselves, detailing how they love to make amazing dishes with the odds and ends of cheese!

Leftover mashed potato
Sparkenhoe red Leicester

Mix 2/3 mash to 1/3 grated Sparkenhoe Red Leicester.
Shape into patties
Cook in a frying pan – initially low heat but then fry off at the end until golden brown.

Andy and Kathy’s comment
This dish is easy and quick to make and a great way of using up leftovers.  Good served with cold meats and pickle or on their own as a lunchtime snack.

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