Cheese-making courses in the UK

sparkenhoe-red-leicester-in-pressIf you want to learn how to make your own cheese, the best place to start may be a cheese-making course, of which there are many throughout the UK.

Much of the courses and cheesemaking training are provided by existing cheese dairies, enthusiasts and professional schools, and are tailored across the range from beginner to professional.  But before you go ahead and book a cheese-making course, take a look at my blog and advice on ‘I want to become a professional cheese-maker… where do I start?’  It is definitely worth experimenting at home first – and you’ll get more from the courses and learn more in the long run.

The courses run by existing cheese makers are great to get you trained on cheese-making, offering an introduction to making cheese, the chance to see an operating dairy, and some cheese-making recipes to take home.

For a more specific and detailed cheese-making course, however, it may be worth attending one of the well-established courses run by industry experts: they will cover much more fine detail including milk composition, acidification profiles, choosing starter bacteria and ripening flora, etc.

It is worth perusing several course providers – both local and those a little further away – to see the nature of the course, and who is doing the teaching (and whether you like their cheese!) and what you will learn.  If you are thinking of making cheese – on a small or large basis, please get in touch – we’d love to chat to you and help as much as we can.

Here are some of the current cheese-making courses and schools in the UK at present (if you are aware of one that isn’t listed please let me know).  It is also worth reading this article first: I want to become a professional cheese maker… where do I start?  It has lots of good information for any budding cheesemaker!


“Professional Cheese-making” Courses

The School of Artisan Food (

Based at Wellbeck in Nottinghamshire the School of Artisan Food offers a range of in-depth professional courses, from the fundamentals to specifics on particular cheese types.  Run by visiting consultants and industry professionals, they go into thorough depth.

AB Cheesemaking (

Ex-Stilton and Cheddar maker Chris Ashby has been a stalwart of the cheese industry for as long as anyone can remember.  Her well-regarded courses are now organised through Reaseheath College and have been key to educating hundreds of cheese-makers throughout the UK.

(It is also worth mentioning the Academie Opus Caseus (, not based in the UK, but with courses in France and the US it offers a real i-depth view at some of the key areas of cheese-making and ageing.)

“Introduction to Cheese-making” Courses

The School of Artisan Food (

As well as the professional courses above, the School of Artisan food also offers many single- and two-day courses to introduce people to cheese making, run by dairy professionals and cheese-makers.

AB Cheesemaking (

As well as the professional courses above, Chris Ashby runs basic cheese-making courses through Reaseheath College and has taught some of the UK’s finest cheese makers.

Other providers of cheese-making workshops including local dairies and farmhouse cheese-makers:

**Ribblesdale. Yorkshire.

**River Cottage.  Devon.

**West Highland Dairy.* Northwest Scotland.

Cheese-making Workshop.  West Sussex.

Cutting the Curd.  South West and London.

Food Centre Wales.

Food Technology Centre. Wales.

Hartingtons.  Midlands.

High Weald Dairy.  Sussex.

Red Devon.  Somerset.

The Weekend Artisan.  Hampshire.

** I cannot personally vouch for every one of the course providers detailed above, except AB Cheesemaking and the School of Artisan Food, but where courses are run by tutors that I know and have heard good reports about I have marked them with an *asterisk.

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