Where to buy cheese-making equipment in the UK

The rapid growth of farmhouse and small-scale artisan cheese-making in the UK has seen a matching growth of suppliers of cheese-making equipment, starter cultures, moulds and bacteria, keen to supply the UK market. Listed below are some of the best places to buy cheese-making equipment and cultures (in no particular order), either for home-scale size (listed first) or artisan/farmhouse size (listed later).

If you are a farmer and are thinking about diversifying into cheese-making, please do contact The Courtyard Dairy as early as possible – we’d love to offer our assistance. We are really keen to assist in helping new farmhouse cheese-makers set up and succeed in the challenging business of cheese-making.
Here are some examples of successful farms we’ve already helped: Hebden Goat, Whin Yeats, Stonebeck (Low Riggs).

Commercial Cheese Making Equipment

Small-scale cheese-making equipment

Larger (farm/artisan-scale) cheese equipment suppliers

You can also buy great cheese-making equipment direct from abroad

  • France: Coquard (coquard.fr/uk/index.htm), Elimeca (elimeca.fr), Avedemil (avedemil.com/, Standa (standa-fr.com), France Processing (franceprocess.fr) OR Alliance Elevage (alliance-elevage-export.com/en) – starter bacteria, cheese cultures and all equipment needs (moulds, vat, ladles, etc.),
  • Switzerland: Bichsel (https://www.bichsel-ag.ch) starter bacteria, cheese cultures and all equipment needs (moulds, vat, ladles, etc.)
  • Holland: ANTE BV (antebv.nl/en/), Gebr. Rademaker (no web page but send catalogue request to [email protected]) OR C. van’t Riet (dairy-equipment.com) – starter bacteria and all equipment needs – moulds, vats, etc.

Second hand equipment is sometimes advertised through The Specialist Cheese-makers Association (specialistcheesemakers.co.uk).

(NB If your company supplies products to the dairy industry and you are not mentioned above, please let us know.)

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