Northern Dairy Cheese School

Learn About CheeseNorthern Dairy Cheese School is a series of seminars to increase technical knowledge and understanding for current and future cheesemakers, through hands-on cheese-making sessions.

The school’s core objectives are:

  • Spreading & Building Knowledge
  • Connecting People
  • Creating Industry Strength

Northern Dairy Cheese School is a not-for-profit initiative that runs two seminars a year to look in detail at specific themes within the cheese-making world, combining discussion and theory in a classroom followed by hands-on cheese-making in The Courtyard Dairy’s  cheese-making dairy.

  • Seminar 1: An in-depth look at Wensleydale.  September 2024.
    A look in detail at how differences in the cheese-making process can produce very different cheeses, by examining three slightly different Wensleydale recipes. The seminar attendees will discuss with the cheese-makers how the parameters of making Wensleydale affect the end results, before spending a day in the dairy making a Wensleydale to a recipe they create.
    Wensleydale offers a great opportunity to help all of us understand the relationship between moisture, acidity and texture.
    16-18th September 2024.  For more details and to book click here >
  • Seminar 2: ‘Milk – how it affects the cheese: Warm Raw v. Pasteurised v. Chilled Raw’.  March 2025.
    By following the same cheese recipes, but using three different milks – fresh warm raw milk, pasteurised milk and chilled cold raw milk – seminar attendees will get to examine and discuss the differences that the type of milk creates within the making procedure, maturation and final flavours of the cheese.
    March 2025 – further details and exact dates to follow, register your interest now >.

Outcomes, discussion points and findings from the seminars will be made available in the public domain on The Northern Dairy Cheese School website here >