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Previous cheese tastings

Click below for details of the previous cheese tastings at The Courtyard Dairy.

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Experienced Swinscoe sets up in North Yorkshire – Fine Food Digest

Clipping from The Fine Food Digest (Jan 2013) on the creation of The Courtyard Dairy.

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Humphrey Errington, Lanark Blue and the great cheese battle…

The story of Humprhey Errington and how Lanark Blue came to be, and their trials and tribulations along the way!

During a bleak time for Scottish cheese making, Humphrey Errington decided…

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The story of Sparkenhoe Red Leicester, Red Leicester actually made in Leicestershire!

Close to the edge of Leicestershire (barely a mile inside) is Sparkenhoe Farm, near Hinckley. Hinckley, with its clay loam underfoot, is the traditional red-Leicester area. And it was here…

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Rennet: what is the difference between vegetarian and animal rennet?

Rennet is essential in cheesemaking, but with more and more vegetarian cheeses on the market how does vegetarian rennet fit in?  And how is it different from ‘traditional rennet’?  Does it affect the flavour?…

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Historical cheesemaking: Dora Saker, the Ministry of Agriculture & my Great Gran

Getting my hands-upon a frayed ancient cheesemaking book by Dora Saker was the start of my investigations into ancient cheesemaking techniques…

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Hafod cheddar

How to make… Hafod Cheddar

Bwlchwernen Fawr. Hard enough to pronounce, let alone find, especially with enterprising Welsh locals turning round the road signs to keep us confused. It’s no wonder they say no one…

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Making Appleby’s Cheshire – a visit to the farm

Andy visits Appleby’s of Hawkstone; the last remaining producer of unpasteurised traditional cloth bound Cheshire, find out what makes their cheese special and how they got into making this mighty-fine cheese.

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Gloucester cheese rolling – my experience

Every Spring Bank Holiday the most important event in any cheese-enthusiasts calendar takes place…. Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling. When mad men (and women) chase after a 9lb cheese chucked down the…

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Making Charolais Goats Cheese: a visit to a farmhouse maker

I drove up into the mountains of Beaujolais, and as the sun rose, my enthusiasm for seeing this cheese grew. I was visiting Isabelle and Jacques. Daily, for almost all…

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Reblcohon cave

In search of the perfect Reblochon cheese

Andy goes in search of France’s best Reblochon with a visit to the Savoie to visit and make cheese with some of the best cheesemakers in France.  Find out who…

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A bit of cheese science

I’ve been thinking about moulds. At Mons there is an excellent balance, which has built up over many years. But they still need encouraging and pointing in the right direction…

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