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Keen for Cheddar? A visit to Keen’s Cheddar at Wincanton, Somerset

The backbone of any cheese-shop in the UK is a great Cheddar cheese.  Keen’s Cheddar, made in Somerset by the same family since 1899, is one of the best. 

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What makes a cheese a Cheddar cheese?

The world’s most popular cheese, Cheddar still accounts for over half of all British cheese sales (52%), but what exactly is Cheddar?  

Made in Somerset?  

Aged for over a year? 


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Hafod cheese

Hafod Cheddar cheese – two years on….?

Two years ago I visited Holden Farm Dairy and reported some very exciting things that Sam and Rachel Holden were experimenting with:  “I can’t wait to try some of his…

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Joe visits Hafod Cheddar: Sam and Rachel’s quest for the perfect cheese

Part time Cheese Monger and Affineur trainee Joe Lodge visits Holden farm, makers of Hafod Cheddar, to find out about Sam and Rachel’s quest for the perfect cheese and their dedication…

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Dale End Cheddar and Botton Creamery

All about the amazing Dale End Cheddar made on the North Yorkshire Moors by Botton Creamery.

Alastair only makes a small amount of cheese: he farms only 46 Dairy Shorthorn cows…

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The great cheddar heist

September 29th 1998.  10 days before the British Cheese Awards results are released.  Will Montgomery’s Cheddar win ‘Best Cheddar’ and ‘Best Traditional British Cheese’ for the third year on the…

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What is the blue veining in traditional Cheddar? And can I eat it?

I’m often asked if the natural blue vein that finds its way into non-blue cheese is edible.  The answer is: by and large, yes.

But what is it and how…

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St Andrews Cheddar Cheese Recipe

St Andrews Cheddar, haggis and bacon potato-cake (by Le Caveau head-chef Mark Byron)

Mark Byron, chef-owner of Le Caveau, Skipton, gives the secret recipe to his Cheddar, haggis and bacon filled potato-cakes that feature regularly on his menu. Makes four potato cakes, enough…

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