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Historical cheesemaking: Dora Saker, the Ministry of Agriculture & my Great Gran

Getting my hands-upon a frayed ancient cheesemaking book by Dora Saker was the start of my investigations into ancient cheesemaking techniques…

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Cheese, potato and onion pie, recipe from Paul Hollywood’s Pies & Puds BBC series

A perfect cheese, potato and onion pie as made by Paul Hollywood on his Pies & Puds series (BBC 1).  Featuring Dale End Cheddar made by Botton Creamery the rich…

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British Territorial Cheeses – traditional British cheeses and their characteristics

Ever wondered what makes a Caerphilly, Cheshire and Cheddar different? 

Click below to see what characteristics a cheese grader would expect Britain’s key territorial’s to exhibit: examining their body and texture, flavour and…

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Hafod Cheddar Cheese Recipe

Hafod Welsh Rarebit by cheesemaker Rebecca Holden

Rebecca Holden of Hodlen’s Farm Dairy favourite choice of cooking her Hafod Cheddar is this adapted Hugh Fearnley-Whittenstall recipe for Welsh Rarebit: Ingredients 50g/2oz flour 50g/2oz butter 250ml/9oz strong beer…

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Christmas Cheese Selection

Creating A Perfect Christmas Cheeseboard

Once upon a time insipid bits of soggy Cheddar and dried out Stilton (that needed to be revived with Port!) were about all that Britain could offer the cheese world…

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Old Winchester: read the tale of a modern British cheese

One cheese-making course and 11 years of hard work have enabled Mike and Judy Smales (of Lyburn Farmhouse) to create one the finest modern British Cheeses around: Old Winchester.

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Cow breed banner

Do different cow breeds make a difference to cheese quality?

If you go into any good cheese shop, you’ll often hear the cheesemongers talking about the breed of cow that produced the milk from which a cheese was made. Phrases…

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Joe Schneider of Stichelton

Meet the cheese-maker!

Throughout November and December some of Britain’s best cheese-makers are visiting The Courtyard Dairy, and they’d love to meet you! They’ll be in the shop 11-4pm tasting out their cheese…

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Cheese Scone Recipe – Courtyard Dairy Café

Kathy’s recipe from the Courtyard Dairy Café’s excellent cheese scones – if in doubt, add more cheese! Makes approx 12 scones Ingredients 450g self-raising flour, with 1 teaspoon of baking…

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