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Raclette grills

Recreate that classic Alpine experience thanks to this intuitively designed raclette grill from Swiss manufacturer Stöckli.

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Ogleshield raclette recipe

Recreate this classic Alpine dish in your own home!  Perfect for those cold wintry nights.

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Complete list of cheeses stocked at The Courtyard Dairy

Listed below are all the cheeses normally available from The Courtyard Dairy cheese shop.  Other ‘guest’ cheeses are occasionally available that may not appear online – please phone Andy on…

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Cheese gifts for Father’s Day

Here are Kathy’s and Andy’s favourite cheese gifts and gift selections for this coming Father’s Day.

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Todd trethowan gorwydd cheese

An interview with Todd Trethowan: maker of Gorwydd Caerphilly cheese

An interview with Todd Trethowan; cheese-maker of the fabulous Gorwydd Caerphilly cheese! Find out how Todd got into cheese, what he loves on the food scene, the ethos for his…

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Washed rind cheese

What is a ‘washed-rind’ cheese? And why do they smell?

Ever wondered why some cheeses really stink?  And what is a ‘washed-rind’ cheese?  Find out here…

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Claire and Anthony Kitching: an interview with Friends of Ham

An interview with Claire and Anthony Kitching, owner and creators of the inspirational Leeds bar: Friends of Ham. Find out what they love on the food scene, their ethos for…

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Top 10 cheese gifts for men

Whether it is for Father’s Day or for a birthday, here are The Courtyard Dairy’s top 10 best-selling cheese gifts for men:

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Different cheese types, part one – classifying cheese by how it is made

An explanation of the methods of classifying cheese by how it is made.

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Mother’s Day cheese gifts – a selection of the best…

With Mother’s Day fast approaching now is the time to choose that cheese gift for your Mum!  

If your Mum is a cheese lover, or you are just tired of…

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Making Vacherin Mont d’Or, a visit to cheesemakers Sancey Richard

In the shadow of the real Mont d’Or (gold mountain) lays a small dairy.  At 6.00 am in the morning its three big long vats are being gently filled with…

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Opening a cheese-shop … for dummies. (2/4)

Part two – getting it open.

Part two of the four-part series on how The Courtyard Dairy was created.  Click below to read more….

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