Darling Blue

Smooth, gentle blue with rich biscuity flavours

  • Pasteurised
  • Cows' Milk

Darling Blue is a newly-created British blue cheese made on Doddington farm, bordering Scotland, using milk fresh from their herd of cows.  It is firm textured and has delicate blue veining, which breaks down the texture and flavour of the cheese to make Darling Blue smooth and creamy with a rich complex flavour.

Made by Maggie Maxwell in Wooler, Northumberland, England.

More about this

The Doddington Farm is run by the Maxwell family.  In the 1950s the family moved from their tenanted farm in west Scotland and bought the small Doddington Farm, situated on a rural outcrop of England overlooked by the Cheviot Hills.  Maggie’s brother, Bob, looks after their 400 Ayrshire, Friesian and Normandy cows.  The fresh milk is piped across the yard to their dairy, some for ice-cream production by brother Neil and his wife Jackie, and some for Maggie to turn into a range of cheeses – ‘Doddington’ and ‘Admiral Collingwood’ perhaps being the most famous.

Darling Blue is the most recent addition to her range.  Matured for 3 months, Darling Blue forms a natural mottled rind which breaks down the paste until it is smooth and creamy, with thin streaks of blue that give the rich biscuity and gentle-blue flavour.

Darling Blue is named after the local Northumberland heroine Grace Darling who, as a 22-year old lighthouse-keeper’s daughter, famously rowed out in appalling weather to save the lives of sailors  whose ship was wrecked on nearby rocks.

Please note the blue mould used in this product is grown on wheat before being freeze-dried and added into the cheese.

This product will have two weeks’ shelf life from the date of delivery.  Conveniently, at checkout you can choose a delivery date even well in the future if you would like your cheese delivering for a specific event.

Ingredients: Milk, salt, cheese cultures (gluten in blue mould culture) and rennet.

Customer reviews

  1. Elizabeth Hammond

    Delicious creamy smooth texture.

  2. Karen Jesper

    Absolutely Divine! Over indulged in huge piece with friends! Gorgeous!

  3. Caroline

    Loved it. Will buy again

  4. Andrew Forsyth

    I love this cheese it’s taste great very creamy with just a little salt it’s delicious

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