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Four of Britain’s newest farmhouse and artisan cheeses.  All recent creations by makers new to the artisan cheese industry, they are well-worth a try.  Oozing soft goats’, supple and fresh Dales-style, butter-rich ‘washed-rind’, and creamy, yet delicate blue.
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This box of brand-new British cheeses includes:

Sinodun Hill.  Pasteurised goats’ milk, vegetarian.  200g.
Sinodun Hill is one of Britain’s newest and most exciting goats’ cheeses. Made on the farm using their Anglo Nubian goats’ rich milk, this ‘lactic’ cheese has a mousse-like delicate texture and zippy fresh taste with herbaceous goaty finish.

Old Roan.  Unpasteurised cows’ milk.  250g.
Based on a traditional old Wensledydale recipe of the north of England.  Made by hand by Sam & Ben Spence on their farm in Askrigg. Old Roan is aged for three months, by which time it has the fresh lemony-lactic flavours of a good Wensleydale, with a supple, firmer texture.

Winslade.  Pasteurised cows’ milk, vegetarian.  230g.
A recent creation – a cross between Vacherin and Camembert, encircled by a spruce strip.  Winslade is matured and sold by The Courtyard Dairy when it is fully ripe, rich, soft and gooey.

Darling Blue.  Pasteurised cows’ milk.  250g.
Darling Blue is a newly-created blue cheese made on Doddington farm, bordering Scotland, using milk fresh from their herd of cows.  It is firm-textured and has delicate blue veining, which breaks down the texture of the cheese to make Darling Blue smooth and creamy with a rich, complex flavour.

This product will have two weeks’ shelf life from the date of delivery. Conveniently, at checkout you can choose a delivery date even well in the future if you would like your cheese delivering for a specific event.

In the current pandemic not all our suppliers are able to supply us as consistently as they were.
What this means is that occasionally we may give you a substitute in some cheese selections.  This will always be a carefully-selected similar cheese of equal or greater value.
If you do not want us to supply a suitable substitute in this way, state in the ‘special instructions’ at checkout: “No replacements”, in which case we may have to phone you if there is an issue.

Ingredients: Milk, salt, cheese cultures (gluten in blue mould culture in Darling Blue) and rennet.

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  1. Helena Howell

    Simply delicious – my sister bought me a box of your brand-new British cheeses for my birthday which I received this morning. Well, we had to have these for lunch and they were amazing. What a great gift. Well done and thank you.

  2. Linda Agacy

    First order
    I’m hoping good as they sound

  3. Diane Crawford

    Excellent variety

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