Easter Cheese & Charcuterie Pack

Three amazing cheeses, matched to award-winning Charcuterie


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Three amazing British cheeses matched to award winning charcuterie from the Falorni family; 8th generation salame and proscuitto makers from Tuscany (if they haven’t got it perfect by now….!).
Their peppery salame, and thinly sliced ham leg matched perfectly to sharp, tangy, 2-year-old crystalline Berwick Edge, smooth rounded Darling Blue and opulent soft, St Sunday cheese.

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This cheese and charcuterie cheese selection box includes:

St Sunday.  Pasteurised cows’ milk.  220g.
Based on the famous soft cheeses of the Alps, Reblochon and Vacheriamazinn, St Sunday has buttery-crème-fraiche richness and soft, glossy-texture.
Using fabulous quality organic milk from James Robinson’s family farm in south Cumbria, local cheese-maker Martin Gott uses years worth of expertise to transform this rich milk into a supple cheese that rivals its French counterparts but has a hint of English terroir to it.

Berwick Edge.  Unpasteurised cows’ milk.  250g.
Berwick Edge is Northumberland’s version of aged Gouda offset by the tang of a mature Cheddar. It is made by hand by the Maxwell family, following traditional Dutch methodology, using fresh raw milk from their own herd of cows.  Aged for a full year, Berwick Edge develops a strong, sharp flavour, complemented by a caramel sweetness and crystalline texture.

Darling Blue.  Pasteurised cows’ milk.  250g.
Darling Blue is a newly-created British blue cheese made on Doddington farm bordering Scotland, using milk fresh from their herd of cows.  It is firm-textured and has delicate blue veining, which breaks down the texture and flavour of the cheese to make Darling Blue smooth and creamy, with a rich, complex flavour.

Charcuterie. 270g+
Eighth-generation salame-curers Macelleria Falorni produce an amazing range of cured meats.  This mix-pack contains three of their finest examples: roughly 8 slices of Salame Piccante and Finnochiona Salame (wild Fennel), with 5 thinly-sliced portions of Prosciutto Saporito.
Ingredients: pork, salt, chili, natural spices (inc. pepper, wild fennel and paprika), potassium nitrate curing salt, ascorbic acid, dextrose.  For nutritional data see each specific charcuterie type: Wild FennelSalame Piccante and Prosciutto.

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