3 Months of Monthly Cheese Club – 3 or 5 Cheese

The finest cheeses delivered every month for three months.


The Courtyard Dairy’s cheesemongers select the best and most interesting cheeses in season and deliver them direct to your door.
Each month’s cheese club selection includes a selection of cheeses plus a packet of crackers and a detailed article on the cheese producers, as well as a topical information feature on cheese.  Choose from the 3-cheese or 5-cheese per month selection.
(This package is delivered over the course of three months, it will be consecutively unless otherwise specified.)
Includes delivery.

(If you have specific requests, e.g. no blue/goats cheese, vegetarian cheese only, gluten free crackers, etc., just add these as a ‘Special Instruction’ at checkout and your box will be tailored to your requirements!)

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You can decide how regularly and for how long you wish to receive the selections – they don’t have to be delivered every month, so you can receive these special cheeses at a pace that suits you.
You can choose to enjoy a one-off cheese delivery, a regular monthly cheese club subscription, or delivery as often as you like.  Great as a monthly cheese gift, or perfect for the cheese lover wanting to try something new!

Your monthly cheese selection will be first be delivered on your chosen day of delivery at checkout.  It will then be delivered on the first Wednesday of the month, monthly, or as regularly as you have specified (if you do not want your deliveries to run consecutively, please be sure to specify how often you want them in the ‘Special Instructions’ box on the online checkout).  And rest assured, you can cancel your subscription at any time by giving one week’s notice.

With the first delivery a confirmation letter for the monthly cheese club will be sent to the lucky recipient with details of the cheese club and the future chosen months for the cheese delivery.  For those giving it as a monthly cheese gift, the confirmation letter can includes a gift message too.  If you’d like a gift card or voucher to give to your gift recipient to explain about their monthly cheese gift sending separately or beforehand, please write your instructions in the ‘Special Instructions’ box on checkout.

If you have any questions about the monthly cheese clubs please feel free to contact Andy, but check the frequently asked questions page first!

Example 3-cheese monthly cheese club:
Tunworth Camembert, Dale End Cheddar, and Killeen Goats’ Gouda.
700g minimum weight of cheese per month.

Ingredients in cheeses: Milk, salt, cheese cultures and rennet.

Ingredients in crackers: Wheat flour, water, palm oil (from sustainable sources), salt.

Customer reviews

  1. D.Robson

    Just come to the end of our 3 months and what a great experience!!
    Packaging & delivery have been first rate even through the hot weather.
    The cheese has been superb and the background and tasting notes really helpful.
    Probably will sign up for more!!

  2. Anthony Hill

    fab gift from my brother for xmas, the three month cheeses have been wonderful great service and superb tasting notes to educate will definitely be getting more.

  3. jessicarosehart59

    Really look forward to the monthly cheese treat. Always ready for the next month delivery when it comes because we eat the lot in about two weeks . It is too good to hang onto for long. Great selection and the information on each cheese is good to have along with the tasting notes. The advice on ‘resting’ the cheese at room temperature before eating really does improve the taste.

  4. Matt Cornish

    Loved this. Just come to end of my subscription – great choices and a good way to try new cheeses. Complete with tasting notes and info on each cheese, can’t recommend this enough.

  5. Jessica Hart

    Really love this monthly surprise. Great cheeses and something to look forward to every month. I even made my own ‘Membrillo’ (Quince paste) to eat with some of the cheeses.

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