Scottish Cheese Selection

The Best of Scotland.


Four fantastic Scottish cheeses from the finest farmhouses to be found.
Fresh and light Anster cheese (Cheshire-esque), extra-mature Scottish cloth-bound Cheddar, a seasonal, a supply ‘washed-rind’ from Perthshire and a rich powerful, sheep’s milk blue – Scotland’s Roquefort!

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This Scottish cheese selection box includes:

Anster.  Unpasteurised cows’ milk. 250g.
Farmers for over 50 years, the Stewart family started making cheese in 2008 and soon created Anster.  This milky, crumbly, fresh-tasting cheese is aged for eight weeks.  Jane Stewart supplies The Courtyard Dairy with special Anster cheese made only using a ‘starter bacteria’ specified by The Courtyard Dairy, which gives the cheese a particularly milky, fresh flavour.

St Andrew’s Cheddar.  Unpasteurised cows’ milk. 250g.
Jane makes cheese with rich, unpasteurised milk from her husband’s cattle.  This Cheddar is classically Scottish in style: aged for 14 months, it is powerful, strong and tangy – a real sharp traditional Cheddar.  The cheese came about as a second cheese to the Anster they make: upon doing local farmers markets she found she struggled to get people to approach her stall if she only had one product.  Cheddar-making uses the small scale equipment and moulds so Jane set about developing a second cheese.  Using traditional techniques to the South of England (traditional bacteria ferments to make the cheese, ‘cheddaring’ and making by hand, cloth-binding) Jane has created a cheddar to rival the best of the West Country Aged for 14 months it retains the Scottish cheddar style:  powerful, strong and tangy – a real sharp complex Cheddar.

Strathearn.  Pasteurised cows’ milk. 250g
Made by Frenchman Pierre Leger in Perthshire, Pierre worked for years for cheese wholesalers in Edinburgh before developing his own ‘French-style’, supple washed-rind cheese made with local milk.

Lanark Blue. Unpasteurised sheeps’ milk. 250g.
An iconic farmhouse British cheese, this is Scotland’s answer to Roquefort; the rich sheep’s milk complemented by a strong, powerful blue veining.  Lanark Blue was created in the 1980s and has become a modern classic.
Made by Selina Errington in Carnwath, Lanark, near Edinburgh, Scotland.

This product will have two week’s shelf life from the date of delivery.  Conveniently, at checkout you can choose a delivery date even well in the future if you would like your cheese delivering for a specific event.


Customer reviews

  1. Sheena Rolph

    Excellent service. The cheese arrived when requested and was well package. All four cheeses were greatly enjoyed even by my Sassenach friends. Will use the service again.

  2. Jeff Aston

    Great cheeses. Great variety. Fast caring delivery service. The extras are great too.

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