Soft and Smelly Cheese Selection

Gooey-oozy and strong – for real cheese lovers.


If you like your cheeses oozing from the wrapping, this selection is for you. The very best of the soft, gooey cheeses: Britain’s answer to the very best Brie – Baron Bigod, pungent washed-rind St James, blue-Brie style Cote Hill and ripe and runny Winslade (Vacherin-style).
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The soft and smelly cheese selection includes:

Winslade. Pasteurised cows’ cheese. 230g.
A recent creation – a cross between Vacherin and Camembert, encircled by a spruce strip. Winslade is matured and sold by The Courtyard Dairy when it is fully ripe, rich, soft and gooey.

Baron Bigod Brie. Unpasteurised cows’ milk. 250g.
Sold only when perfectly ripe, this modern creation is Britain’s first unpasteurised Brie to be made on the farm in traditional large (3 kg) form and ladled only by hand. The French will be jealous…

St James. Unpasteurised sheep’s milk. 250g.
An unusual find: a washed-rind sheep’s cheese. The flavoursome milk of the Lacaune breed of sheep produces savoury, meaty flavours with a creamy, rich sweetness as St James breaks down. [When St James is out of season (November to April) this will be replaced with an alternative washed-rind cheese such as Rollright; a soft cows’ milk cheese from the Cotswolds.]

Cote Hill Blue. Unpasteurised cows’ milk, vegetarian. 290g.
With the price of wholesale milk falling, the Davenports took a short course in cheese making and invented Britain’s first unpasteurised soft blue: Cote Hill Blue, soft creamy and delicate.

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