Taste Three Milks

A unique chance to see how the type of milk affects cheese!


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This one-off special cheese tasting-box allows you to explore the subtleties of cheesemaking by showcasing how the milk itself can affect the flavour of the cheese; two sets of three cheeses, each set has goats’, sheep’s and cows’ milk versions.

The box includes six pieces of cheese: three hard and three blue:

  • the talented Marion Roeleveld provides sheep’s and cows’ milk versions alongside her famous Killeen Goat.
  • the brilliant Ben Harris makes three outstanding blue cheeses: Beenleigh Blue (sheep’s), Harbourne (goats’) and Devon Blue (cows’).

In this tasting you truly explore just how the milk itself affects the resulting cheese and its flavour.

The box comes with detailed tasting notes and as well as a link to a 10-minute video from the cheesemakers themselves, talking through their cheeses and how the differences in milk affect the end flavour and cheesemaking recipe.

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The box includes 600g of cheese:

Killeen Goat, Cow and Sheep.
Leaving Holland in search of the Irish ‘good-life’, Marion Roeleveld developed her goats’ milk Gouda with milk given by her own goats. Killeen Goat is aged in-house by The Courtyard Dairy for 11 months; the cheese develops a greater depth of flavour as the sweetness and toasty-roasted hazelnut flavours show through.  Here there are sheep’s and cows’ versions to try, too.
100g each of goats’, cows’ and sheep’s version. (all pasteurised)

Devon Blue, Harbourne and Beenleigh Blue.
Devon Blue was one of the first modern British blue cheeses, created by Robin Congdon in the 1970s.  Unpressed, French-style, these are sold by The Courtyard Dairy at four months old, when it is flinty, minerally and light with a subtle blue taste.  Harbourne and Beenleigh are the goats’ and sheep’s milk versions.
100g each of cows’, goats’, and sheep’s version. (all pasteurised)

This product will have two weeks’ shelf life from the date of delivery.  Conveniently, at checkout you can choose a delivery date even well in the future if you would like your cheese delivering for a specific event.

Ingredients: Milk, salt, cheese cultures ( egg in Lysosome in Killeen) and rennet.

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