Tunworth & Winslade Tasting Box

Two of Britain's most prestigous cheeses

  • Pasteurised
  • Cows' Milk

Curated especially for Stacey Hedges’s live talk on British Cheese Weekender on Friday 13th October at 8pm (join here >), this box celebrates Hampshire Cheese’s famous cheeses:

  • Tunworth is an English Camembert good enough to make a Frenchman weep: vegetal, porcini-flavoured and intense.
  • Winslade is a modern creation – a cross between Vacherin and Camembert, encircled by a spruce strip. Soft, gooey, with floral, piney notes.

Have these cheeses, along with matched accompaniments: Damson Paste and Peters Yard crispbreads delivered to enjoy, as Stacey tells you the story of her journey into cheese and the creation of Tunworth and Winslade.

The ‘Cheese & wine’ option also includes a matched 250ml measure of wine chosen by Tommy and James Banks (owners of the Michelin starred Black Swan at Oldstead) as the perfect match to Tunworth: Syrah Mourvédre red.

Includes delivery.

Made by Stacey Hedges and Charlotte Spruce in Herriard, Hampshire, England.

More about this

In 2004, after falling in love with cheese whilst working for cheesemongers in Australia, Stacey Hedges started making cheese at home.  Eventually her husband gave her an ultimatum: get serious or stop making cheese.  Stacey researched among cheesemongers what was missing in the market, which led to her deciding to make a Camembert in a style akin to the traditional French.  Consequently she set up Hampshire Cheeses, and Tunworth was born (named after the nearby hamlet of Tunworth, near Basingstoke).
By 2006 Tunworth was fast becoming a brilliant cheese.  Stacey Hedges was using traditional Camembert techniques (a slow acidification, and hand-ladling) as well as undulating moulds and yeasts that help to create a unique cheese. 250g.  Pasteurised cows milk.

Winslade was developed over the last two years as an addition to Hampshire Cheeses awesome Tunworth,
Stacey and Charlotte wanted to create a cheese that was a similar size and texture to Tunworth, so they could manage it using the same tools, but very different.  Using expertise from cheese guru Ivan Larcher they created a new Vacherin/Camembert cross.  Encircled in spruce, it takes on a piney note and has a similar rind to washed rind cheeses.  In fact, Winslade is not washed, but uses similar moulds and bacteria to a washed rind cheese, and is matured for eight weeks a high ammonia environment, which creates its pinky hue and dappled rind.
Not as strong as Tunworth, mature Winslade is soft and gooey, with gentle floral and piney notes.  250g.  Pasteurised cows milk.

This Damson paste, a set ‘fruit cheese,’ is a delight with cheese. Delicate in flavour with a floral Damson taste and balanced sharp/sweet notes.
Made using Cumbrian Damsons when in season, and just two other ingredients – unrefined sugar and lemon juice. As natural as it gets.
Ingredients: Damsons (120%), unrefined sugar, lemon juice.

Peter’s Yard Crispbread are a traditional Swedish sourdough crispbread, using a 16-hour fermented sourdough and Shipton Mill organic flour, before being rolled and baked wafer-thin to provide a crisp neutral cracker that is a perfect accompaniment to any cheese.
Ingredients: Milk, rye and wheat flours, sourdough, wholewheat flour, honey, salt. Allegens – See ingredients in bold: 1 x 90g pack.

The optional wine pairing includes 250ml can of Syrah Mourvédre blend from South Afriaca 14% abv.  Powerful and spicy full of rich flavours of dark fruits and pepper.
Founded by James and Tommy Banks, owners of Michelin-starred The Black Swan at Oldstead; Banks Brothers is a premium canned wine brand with a purpose of making great wine accessible and exciting: expertly curated, limited edition, premium canned wines from around the world.
You must be over 18 to purchase this product. Ingredients: Contains sulphites.

These products will have two weeks shelf life from the date of delivery.  Conveniently, at checkout you can choose a delivery date even well in the future if you would like your cheese delivering for a specific event.

Tunworth & Winslade Nutritional Data (typical values, per 100g):
Energy 1301kj/314kcal
Fat 26.2g
(of which saturates) 18.2g
Carbohydrates 3.3g
(of which sugars) 0.1g
Fibre 0.1g
Protein 16.3g
Salt 1.38g

Weight: 1 x 250g cheese.

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