Hebden Goat

Creamy and smooth, with a rich goat flavour


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  • Unpasteurised
  • Goats' Milk

This cheese is currently not made, why not try the similar Sinodun Hill instead?

Hebden Goat cheese is made on the farm by Gillian and her ten (yes, just ten!) goats.  The cheese is slowly set before being moulded and aged for three weeks.  The wrinkly rind breaks down to a smooth paste and rich goaty and grassy flavours.

Made by Gillian Clough, TenAcres Farm, Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, England.

More about this

Gillian Clough only started making Hebden Goat cheese in 2015. A Radiography lecturer, Gillian has a love for goats, particularly Anglo Nubian goats – big, floppy-eared goats famed for their rich milk, which is great for cheese making. Buying a smallholding (called Ten Acres after it’s size!), she set about breeding these goats as a hobby, whilst her husband, Tim, keeps a few rare-breed sheep.

The goats and sheep all feed out at pasture on the Pennine hills high above Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire. Farming seasonally (they only make cheese spring to autumn) the goats are fed from the pasture and using forage made on the farm, which helps add to the richness of the Anglo-Nubian milk, and allows it to show its provenance.

Being brought up on poor quality supermarket cheese meant that Gillian had no real interest in cheese. But after the first round of breeding, her goats were producing milk in quantity. So looking for something to do with it, she enrolled on renowned cheese expert Ivan Larcher’s cheese-making course.

Returning to her home enthused, Gillian’s husband Tim set about building her a small one-person dairy on the bottom floor of their house. This small dairy allowed Gillian to make a light fresh-curd cheese (called Gat), and she soon discovered that, blimey, she loved it! She’d discovered how good cheese could taste.

Gillian visited The Courtyard Dairy in 2015 and impressed them with the quality of the milk produced on her farm. So we set about encouraging and working with her to develop a brand new, lactic goats cheese. A year later, and Hebden Goat was born.  Since that it has continued to improve and was notably featured on Tom Kerridge’s BBC TV series: Top of the Shops.

Every morning Gillian gets up and milks her ten-goats. She then adds a tiny amount of lactic starter bacteria and rennet to the milk, before going to work in her day job as a lecturer at Bradford University. By next morning the long set of the milk has happened, which means after that day’s milking, yesterdays set milk can be ladled into moulds and left to drain. Aged for 2-3 weeks, Hebden Goat cheese then develops the wrinkly yeast rind (geotrichium) that is natural to goat milk. This breaks down the firm texture of Hebden Goat to provide a rich, creamy goats’ milk cheese, unique to the Yorkshire Pennines.

This product will have two weeks’ shelf life from the date of delivery.  Conveniently, at checkout you can choose a delivery date even well in the future if you would like your cheese delivering for a specific event.

Nutritional Data (typical values, per 100g):
Energy 1328kj/320kcal
Fat 26.5g (of which saturates 18.7g)
Carbohydrates 4.3g (of which sugars 0.7g)
Protein 16.4g
Salt 1.27g

Weight: 1 x 100g cheese.

Ingredients: Milk, salt, cheese cultures and rennet.


Customer reviews

  1. Mandy Price

    Delicious cheese, have tried several supermarket brought goats cheese and been very disappointed, but this cheese is in a class of its own, very creamy, no bitterness, loved it.

    • Andy

      Thanks Mandy – glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Michelle

    Came across this cheese in a little wholefood shop researched it on the net when I got home and found your sight. This cheese is the best goat cheese I have tasted, mild and creamy, great texture and stays together well. Have just made spinach and goats cheese filo’s excellent cooked too. I will be purchasing more, well done on all the award winning too – great to see a back yard dairy doing so well.

  3. Lesley

    This cheese is so yummy and we love it with crackers or just a slither on its own! We have even met the goats and they are so well loved and cared for ……. now we know why their cheese tastes so good … it’s all that LOVE!

  4. Richard Kerr

    The creamy goat cheese was superb but the Dale end Cheddar was the best Ceddar I have ever tasted!! Great cheeses, thank you.

  5. Jan Moran

    At 3.00p.m. my Hebden Goats cheese arrived. Put in the fridge immediately were the instructions. I then read the news letter which told me the cheese would last up to ten days. The time is now 3.20p.m. and half the cheese has gone. It is THE most sumptuous goats cheese I have ever tasted! Too good and delicious to be mucked about with. I’ve just devoured half my cheese with crackers. It is creamy and the taste of goats cheese is “gentle”. Lasts for ten days indeed!! My cheese will be gone by tomorrow, so can I please put in a request for a larger size to be made!! After all, I live in Somerset and can’t travel all the way to Yorkshire every other day!! Many congratulations on a superb cheese.

  6. Nola Heslop

    I am a big fan of goats cheese, and this is truly the most delicious goats cheese ever… What more can one say?

  7. Debbie K

    I bought this cheese having seen the lovely Gillian of the BBC2 programme Top of the Shop. I have continued to buy this wonderful cheese and would recommend this to any serious cheese lover. Well done Gillian and Courtyard Dairy for bringing this to us! Thanks

  8. Susannah C

    Amazing cheese – the sharpness of a goats cheese with the rich ripeness of a camembert, perfect spread on a good solid oatcake. Bought some as a Christmas treat, will definitely be buying more!

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