Mountain Gruyère (extra-mature)

Butterscotch, caramelised, powerful.

  • Unpasteurised
  • Cows' Milk
  • Suitable in Pregnancy

This is currently maturing, if you want to try something similar try Etivaz.

Aged for more than 18 months (this batch was made 1/5/21) on the Swiss/French border, this cheese embodies the toffee-butterscotch flavours of Comté and the rich savouriness of Gruyère.
A real outstanding cheese – once you have tasted this mountain Gruyère you will be hooked: it’s a winner.

Made in the chalet in Swiss Alps, matured at Burgdorf, Switzerland.

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Matured at Burgdorf, this is the ultimate Gruyère – it takes on the butterscotch and caramel-toffee like flavours characteristic of Comté, whilst retaining the delectable savouriness of Gruyère.  Aged deep in the mountain caves and old forts, it is a sublime extra-mature Gruyere!

This Gruyere will change your life!

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