Baron Bigod Brie

Rich and creamy

  • Pasteurised
  • Cows' Milk

Finally, a British Brie that can rival the French: Baron Bigod is Britain’s first Brie to be made on the farm in traditional large (3kg) wheels, ladled by hand with milk from the farm’s French-bred Montbeliarde cows.  This gives it an undulating, thin rind, a rich buttery softness, and a rustic flavour as it breaks down, contrasted by a fresh, lactic core.  The French are very envious…

1.4 kg – Half Baron Bigod Brie
2.8 kg – Whole Baron Bigod Brie

Made by Jonathan and Dulcie Crickmore in Bungay, Suffolk, England.

More about this

Makers of Baron Bigod, Jonathan and Dulcie Crickmore have been dairy farmers all their lives at Fen Farm Dairy in Suffolk.  Falling milk prices prompted them to diversify into cheese-making., and seeing a gap in the market for a traditional-style large (3kg) Brie (similar to Brie de Meaux) they started to develop Baron Bigod.

This involved purchasing a herd of French cows (Montbeliarde breed) to provide the rich milk needed to complement their newly-acquired cheese-making skills.  With great help from a couple of famous French dairy professionals, they followed traditional Brie recipes to produce an old-fashioned Brie that has a slow, gentle breakdown to give it a perfect ripeness and to release it’s rustic and intense flavour.

Baron Bigod (pronounced by-god) was the Earl of Norfolk in the 12th Century and owned the land on which Fen Farm now stands.  By building a castle in Bungay (which overlooks Fen Farm), however, he annoyed the king (Stephen) and was punished by being sent off to fight in Syria.

Brie originated from Normandy (arriving in Britain during the Norman invasion), which is where this type of bloomy-rinded cheese, such as Camembert and Brie, are best known.  Jonathan likes to think “If Baron Bigod were alive today he would be very pleased to know there is good French-style Brie available in his home town!”

Ingredients: Milk, salt, cheese cultures and rennet.

This product will have two weeks’ shelf life from the date of delivery.  Conveniently, at checkout you can choose a delivery date even well in the future if you would like your cheese delivering for a specific event.

Customer reviews

  1. Iain

    glorious – baron bigod is amazing – good to know that when we become an impoverished isolated post-brexit UK and the French refuse to export cheese to us we won’t need zer feelthee brie fromage – our English version is much better – really delicious and superb texture. Yum yum yum yum yum!!!!!

  2. Anna

    Such a delicious creamy cheese that can give any French Brie a run for its money. Have ordered this cheese many times and it never fails to disappoint.

  3. Sonia

    I bought a piece of Baron Bigod brie from the Bury St Edmund’s Farmers’ Market last Sunday. I was worried about buying such a big piece for two of us and wasting half of it – why did I worry? It was SO GOOD we ate the whole piece in one go! The most delicious cheese we have eaten.

  4. Chris

    I bought some Baron Bigod in Lincoln. It was delicious. Like Sonia ours didn’t last long and was consumed it one sitting. I will definately be back for more.

  5. helenca

    Fabulous brie – and delivered in such perfect condition it all disappeared in a couple of days!

  6. Emma

    I tasted this sumptuous brie for the first time a couple of weeks ago at a Newmarket restaurant, memorised the name, and have bought two wheels of it since! Think I may end up with high cholesterol as neither love nor money will keep me away from the most delicious thing to hit my tastebuds in many a month! Have actually apologised to my French friends, as I maintain this tops my lifetime list of most flavoursome bries! 😛

  7. ivrwolfe

    First ever review for a cheese,it was that memorable.Stood out as one of the best cheeses I’ve eaten and I’ve eaten tons,but not at the same time!

  8. Moosey

    I was given some Baron Bigod Brie as a gift by a family member on return from their holiday. I love Brie, but I’ve never in my whole life tasted something as good as this. It is rich creamy, a beautiful colour, ripened to absolute perfection, and the taste is so good you cannot stop eating it. My thanks go to the Crickmore family for producing such an exceptional cheese.

  9. Ann H,Northants.

    Visited the farm whilst visiting friends in Suffolk.Had tried the cheese the night before.WOW what a gorgeous cheese.Brie on speed.Seriously though,wonderful flavour.

  10. Rob

    Utterly spectacular! Best Brie I’ve ever eaten!

  11. Jim Bowman

    Utterly stunning. Thr first chunk we bought was eaten in a few hours

  12. Jacqueline Faller

    This was the bottom layer of my daughter’s cheese cake in the evening of her Wedding reception.The wooden box provided a sturdy base onto which the rest of the cake could be safely built.What a fabulous choice of cheese.It was reminiscent of a mature Brie yet it was made just down the road from her reception near Ely.It was enjoyed by everyone and was still being eaten after the event.We fortunately brought home the remains of the cake so could enjoy it in the cold light of day.I would certainly seek this cheese out as an amazing English cheese to add to a really spectacular cheese board.

  13. Andrew

    Just enoyed my first taste of this wonderful cheese. Bought it fully ripe, and enjoyed with quality bread, nothing else. Loads of richness, flavour and lingering tanginess. Incomparable to your standard brie. What a joy – congratulations.

  14. Sarah

    Tried this brie several times and each time it seems even better than the last! Well done Jonathan and Dulcie. The Courtyard Dairy is a real treat and I always come out having bought the shop rather than the one item I went in for!

  15. Denise Hendrie

    I discovered this cheese in my local deli (Mange 2 in Alresford, Hampshire) at the beginning of 2021 and have been buying it nearly every week. I am getting 2x 1kg cheeses for family members for Christmas. It is probably the best cheese I have ever eaten and I have been eating the best French Bries all my life.

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