St Brigid

Ireland’s answer to Morbier, supple and rich.

  • Unpasteurised
  • Cows' Milk
  • Organic

Currently we are maturing this cheese, if you’d like to find out when it’s available email us, or why not try the similar Ogleshield instead!

Frank’s small farm is at the base of Ireland, and he farms very traditionally making a tiny amount of cheese from their surplus milk.  All his cheeses are based on continental styles (Frank’s wife is German); St Brigid cheese is supple in texture with a gentle tang and savoury washed-rind flavour.

Made by Frank & Gudrun Shinnick, Strawhall, Fermoy, County Cork.

More about this

Frank’s family have farmed this small parcel of land right at the bottom of Ireland for a long time, and have maintained a ‘closed-herd’ since Frank’s Dad’s time of 50 pedigree Freisan cows.

Farming very sustainable (they are currently farming organically); Frank prides himself in farming true to nature and products that are natural – mainly selling raw milk. Frank’s German wife, Gudrun helps make the cheeses that are continental and German in style of which St Gall is perhaps their most famous.

St Brigid has this style of the continental mountain cheeses, like Morbier and Fontina – with a supple texture and savoury washed rind notes (created by washing the cheese in salty water which makes this ruby red bacteria grow) from its ruby-red rind.

To make this cheese, Frank is unique in Ireland in that rather than buying in pre-set cheesemaking bacteria to acidify the milk to make cheese, he cultivates his own bacterial cutlure from his milk to make ‘starters’ that make his cheese true to his farm and area ‘natural cheese’; truly encapsulating the terroir.

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