Salame Piccante

Coarse, intense, chilli-spice.


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Eighth-generation salame curers Macelleria Falorni make this amazing Salame Piccante.
A rich salame from acorn-fed pigs, with the gentle warmth of chilli and paprika.

Made by Stefano and Lorenzo Falorni, in Greve-in-Chianti, Tuscany, Italy.

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8 slices are supplied which are approximately 90-100g. If ordered whole (circa 2.1Kg), the salame is supplied unsliced.

The most famous Salumeria in Tuscany, Macelleria Falorni, can be found on Piazza G. Matteotti, Greve-in-Chianti.  It is there that eighth-generation Falorni family brothers Stefano and Lorenzo continue to cure meats in the traditional Tuscan way.  Since 1729 their family has made the finest salames, pancetta and prosciutto natural to the Tuscan region.

Their charcuterie is made only from the ancient 14th-century Cinta Sense breed of pigs that roam free and feed on acorns in the Tuscan forests.  This produces richness in the meat that is dry-cured by the Falorni family in their ancient cellars, using traditional methods and local spices.

Leaner than Finocchiona, Salame Piccante is cured for four months and wrapped in a natural stomach casing.

Ingredients: pork, salt, chili, natural spices (inc. pepper and paprika), potassium nitrate curing salt, ascorbic acid, dextrose.

Nutritional Data (typical values per 100g)
Energy: 425kcal/1765kJ
Fat: 34.3g
of which saturates: 22.12g
Carbohydrate: 0.5g
of which sugars: <0.5g
Protein: 28.82g
Salt: 4.63g

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