Yorkshire Chorizo

Powerful and spicy!


This piccante version of Wildman’s chorizo is made with extra cayenne for that added bite!  It is made only from Yorkshire pork, and cured for three months.

Made by Chris Wildman at Kirkby-Malham, North Yorkshire, England.

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Chris Wildman’s family have been butchers since the 1800s.  Taking the business in a new direction, Chris farms high up in the Yorkshire Dales at Kirkby-Malham, whilst also producing this spicy chorizo using his own (and local Yorkshire) pork.

Chris and his son, Willie, are also famous from being featured in The Dales programme on ITV, and they own the nearby Town End Farm Shop – definitely worth a visit whilst you’re up walking at Malham.

Sold in: 1 x 110g Chroizo.

Ingredients: British pork, salt, smoked paprika, cayenne pepper, black pepper, paprika extract, garlic, preservatives – sodium nitrate and nitrate

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